Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Jenny Cazares

Yes, cabinet inserts will help you to stay more organized in your new kitchen! There are quite a few inserts to choose from, depending on where you need organization.

What kind of items can I keep organized with cabinet inserts?

You can choose organizers for storing utensils, pots, pans, small appliances, and more. 

There are too many options to list them all, but here are a few different types of inserts that you may find most helpful in your new kitchen design. 

  • Utensil drawer inserts can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some are simple and others come in tiers, for extra storage.
  • Trash & recycling bins are very popular and very convenient, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some will pull out and others tilt out.
  • Cutting board drawer with hole, this is a built-in cutting board shelf that slides out from under the countertop. This insert is commonly installed over your trash pullout, so you can easily discard trimmings through the hole.
  • Cookware inserts and glides are great for keeping pots, pans and lids organized. They may range from an insert that goes inside a deep drawer, to a glide that slides out of the cabinet with hooks, for easy reach.
  • Tray/baking sheet dividers are great for those of you who bake a lot, these nifty inserts keep everything in its place and are easy to find. 
  • Spice rack and spice drawers are a very desirable option, everyone loves these!

You can choose from a spice rack insert that pulls out from the cabinets or a spice rack drawer insert.

  • The base cabinet utensil pullout is similar to a spice rack pull out but wider, to hold containers for larger cooking utensils.
  • Wine bottle inserts keep your wine neatly stored away and pull out of your cabinetry with ease. Wine glass inserts may be installed inside cabinets and pullout drawers. This is a great option for a wet or dry bar area.
  • USB and charging port inserts have become a must have! These inserts are commonly found in islands, inside drawers, or a hidden desk area. They are very practical to have and help to keep electronics organized.
USB Charging Port Insert-Pinterest

What options for inserts do I have for my blind corner?

We usually have at least one hard to reach space in our kitchen or that one item we use frequently, that we would like to keep stored away, out of sight! Blind corner glides are designed to make it easy to access items that are tucked away in a corner cabinet. They help make items easier to reach.

They come in many different shapes and sizes. Although they may help you stay organized, some may argue that they limit your use of total cabinet space

What is a mixer lift insert?

This is a heavy duty mixer lift that mounts to the inside cabinet wall and can hold up to 60lbs. Your mixer lifts up from inside your base cabinet to meet the countertop.

This is a great investment to have if you do a lot of baking, but don’t want to store your large mixer on the countertop. A mixer lift makes working in the kitchen easy breezy!

Will cabinet inserts break my budget?

Some inserts will be more expensive than others, and some may be very pricey. If you are working within a budget, you may have to pick and choose which inserts are most important to you. Some cabinet partners will budget you, knowing that you will want a certain number of inserts and they include that in their budget pricing.