Custom Built Cabinets: Why Does It Take 12 Weeks and Is It Worth the Wait?

Brooke Nero | Budget and Design Team | Dean CabinetryPaul Kowal | Budget and Design Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Brooke Nero and Paul Kowal

When does my lead time start?

Your lead time will begin after the final plans & contract has been signed and your deposit has been made. It is important we have as much detailed information as possible before your project moves through our process. 

Any changes made after final sign off may result in a fee or extended lead time.

Here is what the 12 weeks look like:

What is the process at Dean Cabinetry for building my custom cabinets?

Step One: Detailing, weeks 1-2

  • Your project will be handed over to our custom detailing team. They review and redraw your project with our detailing program, Cabinet Vision. Each individual cabinet is detailed (depth, width, height, drawer box, insert, etc.). Our detail team will run a report that provides them with a parts list for each individual cabinet, for ordering, cutting, & accessories.

Step Two: Ordering, weeks 2-3

  • Our ordering department will order all the materials needed for your project. Paint, plywood, accessories, drawer box slides, hinges; everything we need to assemble and complete your project. *These lead times may vary by availability of the product. 5-6 years ago, custom built cabinetry had quicker lead times, because products were more readily available. In the past 2 years there have been delays, which has increased lead times for receiving these items.

Step Three: Receiving, weeks 3-8

  • Once your materials arrive at our shop, they are checked in by our receiving team. The receiving team checks for quality, damages and ensures that all parts have arrived. If any parts are unaccounted for or if there is any damage, they are reported back to our ordering department. All parts are then sorted by project and put on carts so they can move through the shop efficiently.

Dean Cabinetry – carts for each project

Step Four: Production and finishing, weeks 8-10

  • The materials are cut to the individual cabinet specifications, then are sanded, and transferred to our finishing booth for painting or staining. 

What is the final step?

Step Five: Assembly, weeks 10-12

  • When the materials are finished they are inspected and assembled into each individual cabinet for your project. If the assembly team notices any defects, it is taken care of in our shop prior to delivery. After the cabinets are assembled they are put on pallets and wrapped in an industrial cellophane to protect them; they can be easily stored or loaded directly into the delivery truck.
Dean Cabinetry – cabinets wrapped & ready to deliver

We have worked diligently over the years to build a process that is lean and efficient. Our custom cabinets are of the highest quality, beautiful, and made to our client’s specifications; our process ensures our clients are elated with the end result!