By Norine Farrell
White Cabinetry Inspiration Photo by Dean Cabinetry

Why are inspirational photos helpful to my kitchen designer? Great question! Think of a time you’ve gone to your hairdresser with the request of a completely new hairstyle. Would you feel safe to step in for your appointment and begin “describing” the new style, or would you feel better providing a photo that shows a very close example of the hairstyle you’d like to try?

Similarly, your designer appreciates your sharing your “vision” of your dream kitchen, so that they can fully understand the look and feel you are trying to create.

Wood Kitchen Cabinetry Inspirational PhotoWaterMark Designs

What is an Inspirational Photo?

An inspirational photo depicts one or more details that you’d like in your new kitchen. A single photo may not provide all of the details that are of interest to you; one may show the cabinet style you like, another the door style, another the color of the island you are leaning towards.

Perhaps you do find a photo that is an overall close match to the entire look you are after…that photo hit the jackpot!

Not only are the inspirational photos helpful to your designer, they can also be instrumental to you, in your decision-making process. There are many choices to make when creating a new kitchen, and sometimes clients get stuck on where to start.

If you don’t know what cabinet finish you want, but you know you are not changing your floors (and you have natural red oak floors), I might suggest that the client Google images of “kitchens with natural red oak floors”. They can then see what others have created, with their red oak floors. The client can then begin to envision cabinet finishes that complement that type of floor. Once they’ve decided on their cabinet finish, they can then focus on the next item to choose, perhaps the look of the pendants over their island.

White Cabinetry & Dark Island Kitchen Inspiration

Where can I find Inspirational Photos?

Social media is a wonderful source for inspirational photos; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Houzz, just to name a few. Your local cabinet manufacturers, cabinet providers, and Google Images are also great sources for finding inspiration. You are always welcome to visit the project page on our website as a resource for photos.

We look forward to seeing your inspiration and helping you with your kitchen renovation!