Adding a Beverage Fridge to Your Kitchen: Tips and Ideas

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

This blog is about finding the perfect spot for your beverage fridge in your new kitchen, whether you have a small or a large space.

What if I have a small kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen, look to see if you have a “nook” where your beverage fridge might fit. This would make a nice area. An area where you, your friends, and family could go to grab a glass and utilize your beverage refrigerator. You can dress up this area with wall cabinets with glass doors, and a beautiful backsplash. Often this beverage area fits in nicely next to a large appliance, as shown in the photo below. 

Even if you have only a narrow space in your kitchen, you may still be able to add a beverage refrigerator. It is possible to use a tall, thin 6” wide capacity bar fridge/wine cooler.

Can I turn my small pantry into a beverage area?

If you have a small pantry closet, you can turn it into a built-in beverage area that includes a beverage fridge. The first step would be to remove the doors to the pantry closet. This is so you have full access to your lovely new area. Depending on your existing pantry, you may need to do some minimal sheetrock work to prepare the space for your new cabinets.

This look can be created with stock, custom, or semi-custom cabinets. An outlet may need to be added for the fridge. Add beautiful wall cabinetry with glass doors, and lighting, to bring this space to life. 

Can I put my beverage fridge in my island?

Absolutely. Putting your beverage fridge in your island is another great location. I like to recommend that clients keep the fridge on the end of the island, out of the way of anyone who is “prepping and preparing food in the kitchen”.

Adding a beverage sink is another possibility, if your needs require one, if you have the space, and if it fits in your budget. When it is in the island, this sink can serve dual purposes, to aid with beverages and as a prep sink. 

Can I add a beverage area under a window?

If you love to entertain family and friends, and you have the perfect indoor/outdoor set-up, this is a fantastic option. You may spend a bit more on your budget for the flip out bar window but, from happy clients who did this, we are told it was worth every penny. 

If you peek through the window, you will see stools on the outside of the house. The window flips up on the outside, and “voila” you now have an indoor/outdoor bar. How fun is that!

If you decide you don’t want the indoor/outdoor accessibility, you can leave the window and add the bar cabinetry below. Either way, this is a “big win”!

Can I create a beverage area on an empty wall space?

Why not? Look around your home; the perfect space does not have to be in your kitchen. It may fit nicely off to the side of your kitchen, in or near your dining area, in your living area, or even on a blank wall near an entryway. This would be a nice area to design the perfect space for your beverage area and beverage fridge. You can get creative with this space, it’s a blank canvas!

If it’s near a window, consider adding a bench seat for your guests to grab a drink, sit, and gather together.

We recently visited a client for a follow up visit, and in asking them what their favorite new appliance or small appliance was, after a moment of thought, the husband blurted out, “my beverage fridge!”. 

Take a look at a photo of their beverage fridge and cabinetry below. With their renovation, they created a beautiful open floor plan. You’ll see the island at the forefront of the photo, and you can’t see it, but their dining area is to the left of the beverage fridge and cabinetry.

You’ll also see just a bit of their front doorway in the back. For this happy family, this was the perfect location for their new favorite appliance, for everyday use, and for entertaining! We are so happy for them!

Kitchen Cabinetry Bar Fridge

Should I purchase a beverage fridge with solid or glass doors?

Most clients seem to prefer ones with glass doors. They are beautiful and sharp, and they create a statement. When you see it, there’s absolutely no doubt what you are looking at, and what your options are. Some homeowners like to keep all their beverages super organized and color-coordinated, like you’ve walked into a showroom!  

This is absolutely a personal preference though; your style and budget will dictate your choice of fridge. Some people like a more industrial look and may choose a solid, stainless steel bar fridge.

Many new kitchen designs will incorporate bar fridge drawers that pull out, and you can add panels on them to match your cabinetry. This is a nice detail for those who don’t want their beverage refrigerator to be noticeable. 

Dean Cabinetry-SubZero Refrigerator Drawers

Can I make a Butler pantry beverage area?

A butler’s pantry would be another perfect spot for a beverage fridge. You can add wall cabinetry where you can display glasses of various sizes and shapes, and have plenty of counter space for pouring beverages or mixing cocktails. The only downfall with a beverage area in a butler’s pantry is you may feel a bit hidden from your guests while entertaining.

There are so many creative ways to add a beverage area to your home. What’s unique is, these beautiful beverage areas are not only for entertaining. Entire families can use them on a daily basis if stocked with water, seltzers, sports drinks, etc.

If you love to entertain, these beverage areas get a lot of use and help to keep everyone out of your work area. Remember, you can often create a beverage area even in the smallest spaces. 

Get creative; peruse the walls and spaces in your rooms, or talk to your kitchen designer to help you find the perfect spot.

Don’t forget to have your handy cocktail mixology book nearby, and if you want to be prepared for anything, add an ice machine, so you’re ready for a party on the spur of the moment!