Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Jenny Cazares

There are a few reasons why you would consider a switch from semi-custom to John Dean Custom Cabinets:

  • Costs: If you’re making many modifications to your semi-custom cabinet design, and the cost is getting close to our custom pricing 
  • Construction: You want a better-constructed cabinet than is available with semi-custom cabinets. John Dean Custom Cabinet construction is probably the best you can find in the marketplace. The entire cabinet box is constructed of  ¾” finished maple plywood 
  • Painted finish: You can choose any custom color you desire

What affects the cost of semi-custom cabinets?

The following can all increase the cost of your semi-custom cabinets:

  • Modifications to cabinet dimensions
  • Certain finishes, ie distressing and glazes
  • Drawer base cabinets
  • Base cabinets with rollouts
  • Accessories include lazy susans, spice pullouts, utensil pullouts, etc.
  • Inserts including eating and cooking utensil inserts, dividers, spice inserts, tray dividers, etc. 

In essence, the more you “add” to semi-custom cabinets, the more expensive your semi-custom cabinets will become. 

What affects the cost of John Dean Custom Cabinets?

The cost for custom cabinets may change if the client adds additional linear square feet of cabinets to their kitchen space.

Why is the top range of semi-custom so close to the bottom range of custom?

When you are budgeting for semi-custom and you start adding modifications or inserts, accessories, etc. those items will add up quickly. You start to get to the high end of semi-custom cabinetry cost which will bring you close to the John Dean Custom Cabinetry cost.

Will the cost of my custom cabinets change?

At Dean Cabinetry, we budget custom cabinets based on the linear feet of cabinets in your layout. We budget the space understanding that these clients will want either drawer base cabinets or base cabinets with rollouts. They also want a certain number of accessories and inserts in base and or wall cabinets. Therefore, the cost of your John Dean Custom Cabinets will not change unless the linear feet of cabinetry changes.

When we budget for semi-custom cabinets, we budget for an average number of drawers, rollouts, accessories, and inserts. We do not budget for as many “bells and whistles” as we do for our custom cabinet budgets. 

Your Dean Cabinetry designer will let you know when your semi-custom cabinet costs are rising to the point where it might make sense to switch to John Dean Custom Cabinets. Trust your Dean Cabinetry designer; you are in good hands and your designer will look out for your best interest!