Kitchen Cabinet Financing: When Do You Pay for Your Dean Cabinets?

Kevin Dean | Kitchen Designer | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

When does Dean Cabinetry collect the initial deposit?

Typically once your design plans are finalized and you’ve signed the contract, the initial deposit is due. In some cases a partial deposit may be requested before finalizing plans.

What is the initial deposit amount?

The initial deposit is 50% of the total balance.

When do I make my final payment?

The final payment (for the remaining 50% of the balance) is due at the prior to delivery. Your technician will ask for the balance prior to unloading your cabinets.

How can I pay my kitchen cabinets payment plan?

Dean Cabinetry accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. A 3% convenience fee is added for any credit card charges.

Where do I send my payments?

You may drop off your payment to our showroom or mail it to us at the same address. When your designer comes to your home for final measurements, the deposit may be collected at that time.

Will my cabinets be ordered before my initial deposit?

Your cabinets will not be ordered (or if custom, added to the production schedule) until your contract is signed and the initial deposit is made. Time is of the essence to sign your contract and provide the deposit. Another client’s cabinet order could move ahead of yours (or in the production line) which could cause potential delays. 

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Does Dean Cabinetry follow-up with me after my final payment is made?

Dean Cabinetry’s installers will follow up with a final punch list, if it is needed. They will make a list of any outstanding items and will review these with you. If a client finds they need adjustments after their new kitchen is installed, we are happy to accommodate, if we installed them.

The list of items needing attention can be emailed to us. We will coordinate a time for an installer to come out to take care of everything on the list. 

Our job is to ensure that everything is perfect and that you love your new Dean Cabinetry kitchen!