Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Jenny Cazares

A client recently remodeled her kitchen with Dean Cabinetry, and she suggested that future clients think about what their new kitchen’s focal point should be. Thinking about this idea during the design of a new kitchen can seem obvious for some people but maybe overlooked by others.

What do you want friends and family to notice first when they first walk into your new kitchen? 

We are hoping that this blog will help you hone in on that special item or area of your kitchen that will make you happy every time you enter your new space. 

How do I select my main focal point?

Well, you have a few options to consider; space and movement, design features, and what you love!

How will my space affect what will become my favorite focal point?

Envision how family and friends will enter your new kitchen, what is the first thing they will see? Will it have that “WOW” factor?

How will you use your new space for entertaining? Will you have a large island? How will people be congregating and moving throughout your kitchen?

Your new kitchen design, and how others will move through your space, may help you determine what and where your main focal point will be. 

What is considered a design feature for a main focal point?

A design feature could be a gorgeous hood or a large contrasting island that looks like a piece of furniture. It could be 2nd tier cabinets with glass doors, and lighting for display items. Maybe it’s your beautiful Marble countertops. Any of these can be a design feature; you may have several design features in your new kitchen, but hone in on what you’d like to make your main focus. 

Your main focal point will be a conversation at every dinner party!

What if my favorite focal point is a small item?

Even if your favorite item in your new kitchen is something small, you can still make this a main focal point. This item could be that one thing you saw, that you absolutely love; the one item that gave you the initial inspiration for your new kitchen!

Have you ever been antique shopping or on vacation and seen something so beautiful that it immediately gave you the inspiration to go home and replicate it? It may have been a vintage light fixture or lovely, ocean blue glass tiles!

Well, those inspirational pieces, whether large or small, are sometimes all we need to push us forward to create something new. They may be just the focal point you’re looking for. 

What small items can I make my main focal point?

These items could range from a tile backsplash or mosaic to a hammered farm sink,   others may choose light fixtures, cabinet hardware, or faucets. No matter what small item you choose as your favorite focal point, you can still make a statement and “WOW” everyone!

When designing your new kitchen, think about what it was that first inspired you? Chances are that whatever it was that inspired you, may very well be your focal piece! Take your inspirational focal point and design your kitchen around it. If you need help with color and design, talk to an interior decorator, they are a great resource in helping you create a truly unique, visual space that reflects your style!