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Author: Jenny Cazares

Kitchen cabinets with a painted white finish, or a painted gray finish, are still the most popular finish options. 

Both are neutral colors and can be blended with other colors to match your decor. 

gray painted cabinets
White & gray kitchen design-Pinterest

White cabinets are a timeless, classic look; they are sharp, clean, and will brighten your kitchen space.

Many variations of gray painted cabinets have become quite desirable. Clients love the modern look and feel of gray. 

More recently, We’ve seen more and more kitchen cabinets come through our shop having painted finishes of dark and pale blue and green hues.

navy painted cabinets
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How should I choose my cabinet color?

Most kitchen cabinet partners will have several lines of cabinets they represent, with a variety of options of colors and styles to choose from.

Your finish options may vary depending on the line of cabinetry you choose; stock cabinets will usually have a limited color selection. A semi-custom cabinet line will have a much larger variety of color choices.

When you decide on custom cabinetry from a company like Dean Cabinetry, you can choose any finish from any of the Sherwin-Williams paints.

Can I have two different color finishes on my kitchen cabinets?

Designers will often mix and match their cabinet color variations. They will incorporate other elements, like stainless steel appliances and wood hoods into their designs.

One of the most common designs is one color for the wall cabinets and another for the base cabinets.

Another popular option is to have the perimeter cabinets one finish and the island another finish, such as painted white perimeter cabinets and a charcoal gray island.

Will the size of my kitchen impact the finish I choose for my cabinets?

If you have a small kitchen area and want to create a more open feel, keeping it light and bright would be a good choice. Examples would be cabinets in a shade of white or a very pale shade of gray. 

Cabinets with a lighter finish would make the space feel larger; cabinets with a darker finish would close in the space, and make it feel smaller.

If you have a large kitchen area, adding cabinets with a darker finish will make the space feel warm, inviting, and cozy.

How do I maintain painted cabinets?

Cleaning your cabinets with warm, mild, soapy water, and wiping them down with a clean cloth, is what professionals recommend. Stay away from harsh cleaning agents, they could damage or stain your finish.

If your home tends to be more humid in the summer, you can use a dehumidifier. If your home is dry during the winter months, you can use a humidifier.

Is there anything I need to be concerned about with painted cabinets?

Small cracks, known as “witness lines” may appear from time to time during the life of your cabinets. 

These are not a “defect” and are perfectly normal. 

Your painted cabinets may require touch-ups from time to time if they are dinged or nicked. 

Most cabinet partners will supply you with a touch-up kit at the time of your cabinet installation.

Where do I find Inspiration for painted cabinets?

Look for a variety of inspirational photos of painted kitchen cabinet designs on Pinterest!

If you feel creativity is not your strong point, and you need help with choosing the best finish for your new kitchen cabinets, use the internet or social media to find inspiration. Start saving photos of kitchens that make you happy and share them with your designer. An interior designer, for a fee, is also a great resource. They could help guide you in your finish choices and create a timeless kitchen that is truly unique to you and your style!