What to Expect When You Call Dean Cabinetry: A Guide to Our Customer Service Process

Leah Dean| Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

How do we answer the phone at Dean Cabinetry?

Unless we are busy helping other clients, you will be greeted by a live person when you call Dean Cabinetry. 

We answer calls promptly and with a pleasant introduction such as, “This is Jenny at Dean Cabinetry, how may I help you?”

Who will be answering your call?

The Discovery team answers all calls. You may be greeted by a few different people, depending on who is available at the time that you call.

Who is on our “Discovery” team?

Leah Dean is a member of the Discovery team and is also an owner. Leah and John Dean started Dean Cabinetry over 25 years ago. 

Jenny Cazares is also a member of the Discovery team. She has 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and customer service.

What happens if we don’t answer your call?

There are times when we may be on the phone helping other customers, and we might not be available to answer your call.

If someone does not pick up, you will have the option to leave a voice message. Your voice message is delivered immediately through our messaging service.

Depending on the nature of your call, someone will call you back, or email you, as soon as possible, during our regular business hours: Monday-Friday 9 am-5:30 pm.

How do we direct calls?

The Discovery team will determine how we can help the caller get the info they need. We will forward the call as necessary. 

Sean Ahern a designer on a call with a client at Dean Cabinetry

If you have a call of an urgent nature it is always best to call. If it is not urgent, an email is the best way to reach us. All of our Dean Team members know that it is important to answer emails as quickly as possible, within 24 hours.

What happens if I call looking for new cabinets?

When someone calls looking for new cabinets, we will need to take them through the first step of our Dean Cabinetry 6 step process. We call this ”Discovery”.  

In order to do this, we take about 15-20 minutes on the phone, gathering some initial information. If we are available at the time that you call, and it is a good time for you, we may do the Discovery call right away. If we are unable to do the discovery call immediately, we will be happy to briefly explain our process, answer any initial questions you may have, and get that phone call on our calendar as soon as possible.

During the Discovery call, we will ask the important info we need in order to begin to understand what you are looking to accomplish with your project. After the call, we will be sending an email, and soon after we will be partnering you with the best fit designer for you and your project. 

Leah Dean on a Discovery call at Dean Cabinetry

What other types of calls does Dean Cabinetry receive?

  • Customers may call to speak with another team member such as their designer or other Dean Team member. We will transfer these calls, and if the person is unavailable, your call will go to their voicemail. If you prefer, we can take your message, and get your message directly to the team member you are trying to reach.
  • We also receive calls from suppliers, manufacturers, vendors, delivery companies, just to name a few. We do our best to put them in touch with the person that can help answer their question and get them the information they need.

Our goal is to answer your call quickly and to help you in the best way possible. We understand that your time is valuable, and we do our best to make our phone answering process simple and efficient. 

Dean Cabinetry consistently creates helpful blogs to ensure that every customer can find the answers to their questions as quickly and easily as possible.

We strive each and every day to be your “Kitchen Cabinet Partners from Start to Finish”!