Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Jenny Cazares

You have many choices for the cabinet space below your cooktop, each will help you to create the highly functional kitchen you’re looking for!! 

Does the size of my cooktop matter?

No, the size of your cooktop does not matter. You will have options available that you can choose from, although some options may be limited depending on the cabinet line you choose. 

Can I add deep drawers under my cooktop for my pots and pans?

Yes. This is a very popular option. It’s very convenient to have your cookware within easy reach. Two deep drawers beneath your cooktop will give you plenty of storage for your pots, pans, and lids.

Rather than two deep drawers, you might choose cabinet doors under your cooktop. You could add pull-out shelves in these base cabinets. This is another great way to easily access your cookware.

Can I store cooking utensils in a cabinet drawer under my cooktop?

Depending on your cooktop, you might be able to have a top drawer, directly below your cooktop, where you can store your cooking utensils. This will keep the countertops next to your cooktop free and clear!

Each cooktop is different; some cooktops will take up the space of the top drawer, and it will not be usable. Other cooktops may take up some of the space of the top drawer, but not all of it. In this case, the drawer box can often be modified, making at least some of the space usable. 

Your designer will review the specifications of your cooktop and will let you know your cabinet options. Depending on the cabinet line you choose (and if your top drawer needs to be modified) you can review with your designer what inserts for the top drawer might also be available.

Can I have cabinets left and right of my cooktop with inserts or pullouts?

Your options may vary depending on the cabinet line you choose. Whether you choose stock, custom, or semi-custom cabinets, discuss with your designer what you envision for this space. This way it will provide you with the functionality you are after.

Clients may choose to have drawers below their cooktop for cookware, and pullouts on each side of these drawers. These pullouts are very convenient and clients love them! The pullouts in the photo are two very popular options that have adjustable shelves that make it easy to organize the items you use most. 

What are the most popular pullout options that can go to the right or left of my cooktop?

  • Spice pullout: This is typically a 9”, 12”, or 15” base cabinet that has a pull-out with approximately 4 shelves installed in it. The shelves can be moved up or down, and are great to hold spices, oils, and other items you use when you are at your cooktop.
  • Utensil pullout. This is also installed in a base cabinet, usually a 9” or 12” wide cabinet. The top area contains utensil bins and the lower section has a shelf. The utensil bins are an excellent way to hold your spatulas, turners, wooden utensils, etc., and keep them easily accessible.
  • Container pullout. This is installed in a 12” wide or wider, base cabinet. It has 2-3 shelves and is wonderful to hold containers with lids for dry goods, such as pasta, rice, and beans.
  • Baking sheet pullout. This is installed in a 9” or 12” base cabinet. It is a great way to provide easy access to your baking sheets.

Clients find these pullouts to be very handy. The varied widths provide options depending on your layout. The adjustable shelves provide customization depending on the items you want to store. You have the options to store what you want; whether it be spices, oils, vinegar, food items, canisters, and even cooking utensils if you choose the pullout with the bins. 

Are there drawer inserts available under my cooktop to keep me organized?

Yes, your kitchen designer will discuss with you your available options for inserts under your cooktop, to help keep you organized. 

Clients sometimes want to keep items organized using an insert with wood pegs. Another option is a Lid organizer. This is an insert that can go inside a deeper drawer to keep your cookware lids organized.
I hope this has given you some great ideas for your kitchen project. Make an appointment to talk to a kitchen designer today; they will offer you the best suggestions for your new kitchen, ones that function best for you!