By Karen Warner, Designer at Dean Cabinetry

Doing a kitchen renovation is an exciting undertaking. On the way to enjoying your new, improved space to gather and prepare meals, it’s important to understand what factors influence the cost of a new kitchen, so you will be spending your money as wisely as possible. Some things that affect the cost of a kitchen renovation include:


If your current kitchen is a difficult space to work in, it makes sense to take the opportunity to re-arrange things and improve the function and flow. Keeping the same layout is certainly a less expensive renovation. However, if the things that bothered you before are still problems in your new kitchen, you won’t be as satisfied as you could be.


Another kitchen renovation cost to consider is cabinet quality. Cabinets can be made of different materials and this, of course, affects the pricing. Cabinet boxes made of plywood are generally considered superior because of plywood’s long-term durability and screw-holding power. Particle board is a less expensive material but may not hold up as well over time.
As for drawer boxes, most people appreciate a sturdy box that will hold up and function well for the life of their cabinets. Higher quality materials include hardwood and plywood sides, with a plywood floor. With a high-use item like drawers, particle board may not hold up as well over the years.


There are a lot of variables that affect the price of cabinets. We’ve tried to outline many of them below. Having a designer, dealer, or cabinet maker that you can trust will save you a lot of time and effort. They can help find a match for the quality you desire and the budget you have in mind.


Doors and drawers with a more detailed design are usually higher priced than those with less detail. Stained wood cabinets usually require a higher grade of wood than wood that will be painted over. However, a nice, durable painted finish usually carries a premium. The species of wood chosen for the cabinets is another important factor that will affect the cost, with rarer woods commanding a premium. (Refinishing and refacing options are addressed in another article here.)

There is a great variety of options for cabinet finishes today. For wood doors and drawer fronts there are many ways to create a lovely kitchen. Stains, paints, different kinds of glazes, along with various “heirlooming” techniques to provide a warm, worn look. The more effort that goes into the finish to create the final product, the more expensive the cabinets.

There are also cabinet doors made from a substrate (usually MDF) and finished with different materials that carry the color and pattern. Some have a thin layer of a plastic-type material vacuum-formed to them. Others are wrapped with a material that is a bit thicker, and some are covered with a thicker laminate. The prices of these materials are often a clue as to their durability.

Also, the quality of cabinet finishes can vary a great deal. This is an area where it is important to have a cabinet partner you trust help advise you in your kitchen renovation. And it’s always a good idea to approve a sample of the finish before ordering.

Custom Cabinets by Dean Cabinetry

Cabinet hardware has improved drastically over the decades. If it’s in the budget, it’s probably worth making sure you have full-extension, soft-close drawer glides. These glides can be mounted on the sides or hidden underneath. Good quality glides are a pleasure to have and use! In addition, soft-close hinges on doors are also a nice option to have. In addition to being quieter (because they can’t be slammed), they hold themselves closed. There are different manufacturers of this hardware, and it is covered under the cabinet warranty.


A survey from a few years ago by RICKI (Research for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence) found that almost half of Americans who made a recent kitchen improvement said they would spend more if they had it to do over. Most homeowners claim their biggest regret was not adding more organizational features. There are accessories that can help make your new space more functional and enjoyable, so researching what’s out there is usually time well spent.

Professional Installation by Dean Cabinetry

When investing in a kitchen renovation, you expect that the financial commitment and temporary disruption will lead to improving the comfort and function of your kitchen and your family’s quality of life. Having a good, experienced installer can ensure that the project comes out as well as it can and is completed without unnecessary delays.

In conclusion, kitchen renovation costs can vary a great deal. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you may choose to spend more in some areas, and less than others. We are happy to guide you through the renovation process!