Our Favorite Kitchen Tools: Dean Cabinetry Staff Share Their Top Picks

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

A favorite tool in your kitchen could be anything you use often; a large or small appliance, an item that quickens your food prep, or a tool that is both functional and fun to use.

When planning your new space, it is a good idea to think of your favorite kitchen tools. You’ll want to ensure that these items are within easy reach in your new kitchen design.  

If you are a baker, your favorite kitchen tool might be your KitchenAid mixer!

If you’re a busy parent and the kids need to be able to heat things up quickly, your drawer microwave might be your favorite tool.

How can I hide my stand mixer, but keep it handy?

If your stand mixer is your favorite tool, but you’d rather not have it visible on your new countertops, talk to your kitchen designer about a mixer lift. 

A mixer lift is a heavy-duty mount that attaches inside a base cabinet. Most units can hold up to 60lbs. The mixer lifts up, from inside your base cabinet, to meet the countertop.

My drawer microwave is my favorite; where should I put it?

Drawer microwaves have become increasingly popular; they are easy to access and easy to clean. You might consider adding it in your island cabinetry, it could be on the working side of your island, or even on the end of your island. If you do not have an island, it can also be positioned in a peninsula. 

Keep in mind that if your microwave will be used frequently, you’ll want it in an area that’s not going to be in your way, while cooking or entertaining.

Should I discuss my favorite tools with my kitchen designer?

Yes! When you meet with your kitchen designer, they will want to know all your wants and needs for your new kitchen. Their job is to design a beautiful, functional kitchen that is unique to you, incorporating your desired appliances and your favorite kitchen tools. Your designer will lead you in the right direction.

Talk with your designer about the kitchen items you use most. Your designer will make you aware of all the available options for your kitchen. Items like cabinet inserts will help you to stay organized while keeping items easily accessible.

What if my favorite tool is not an appliance?

Your favorite tool may not be an appliance; perhaps you absolutely love your pullout spice accessory, a drawer spice organizer, or some favorite cooking utensils that were handed down by your grandma. Your favorite tool could be something as small as a USB charging port! Your kitchen designer will have creative options to enhance your new kitchen and keep your favorite tools within reach.

Our goal is to design a beautiful, functional kitchen with the best options to keep all of your kitchen tools within easy access. We will help you create the kitchen of your dreams, one you will enjoy for many years to come!