Contractor Installation: What to Expect During the Process

Brooke Nero | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Brooke Nero

This blog is to explain our process if a contractor chooses to install cabinets instead of using Dean Cabinetry installation. We would call this Delivery Only Service.

What is the contractor responsibility, if they choose to install?

The contractor would be responsible for the following:

  • All field measurements
  • Sign off on the measurements, plans, cabinet parts & list of materials needed to complete the job
  • Meet for delivery to inspect for damage; we will unbox unless notified 
  • Any additional materials that need to be ordered (such as filler and trim)
  • Submission for replacements to Dean Cabinetry (damages)
  • Punch list items & visits (defective or incomplete items that need to be resolved)
  • Cabinet adjustments from time of installation and future adjustments needed
  • Paying for any damages during installation 

How would I submit replacement parts that are damaged?

If you notice any damage from the factory, please take a clear picture of the damage and submit it to, along with the dimensions, the project name and address. (example: 1 Warped door @ 9-1/4” wide x 23” tall x ¾” deep). 

Picture of a damaged cabinet door

Dean Cabinetry will submit the information to the manufacturer for a warranty replacement; pending approval, the company will send a replacement. Lead times vary with the brand of cabinetry purchased.  

Be advised, manufacturers will not consider replacement without photos.

How long will it take for replacement parts?

Lead times may vary depending on the cabinet line

  • Stock  2-3 weeks
  • Semi Custom  3-5 weeks
  • Custom  2-4 weeks

If anything is damaged on site during installation, or does not fall under warranty for replacement; the contractor would be responsible for the cost of the replacement parts.

Replacements materials will be delivered to address for your project.

What if I need additional materials such as filler or trim?

If you need any additional materials, please contact and supply us with a list of materials needed, as well as the project name and address.

Please note, however, that our suppliers allow for 2 orders of punch list items.  If we need to place a 3rd order of punch list items, they will require a $150 processing fee.

Full payment is required prior to ordering any materials. (lead times vary, depending on the manufacturer).

Any additional materials needed will be delivered to the address for your project.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of contractor cabinet installation, leave it to us & choose Dean Cabinetry to install. We are here to help our contractors in any way we can to ensure their projects go smoothly from start to finish.