Making the Most of the Space Above Your Refrigerator: Tips and Ideas

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

What should I do with the space above my refrigerator?

Oh, the dreaded dead space above the refrigerator…don’t fret, I have some great ideas for the best use of this space.

Should I add cabinets above my refrigerator?

Well, if you’re looking for extra storage space, then yes! This would be a great location to store those unattractive dishes your mother-in-law gave you last year. You could also use this space for those infomercial appliances you absolutely had to have but realized they are not practical, and you hardly use them.

Either way…7 years from now when you decide to crack open that cabinet, it will be like unwrapping a present, surprise!

By adding cabinets above your refrigerator, along with “fridge panels left and right of your fridge”, it creates a nice, clean look. It finishes off the space, instead of your refrigerator standing alone. 

What can I do with open cabinets above my refrigerator?

With open cabinets above the fridge, you could add decorative baskets for extra storage. You can add dividers or show off your beloved cookbooks.

Tray dividers are very useful for this space, to store baking sheets and items you may use as frequently. You may keep this space open or have cabinets doors.

A wine rack would be another option above your refrigerator. 

You would want to consider that your fridge might create a certain amount of heat around it, and above it, which might affect the longevity and quality of the wine bottles stored there. 

You get creative with different styles of wine rack options. You can leave this as an open cabinet or add doors.

Can the front of my refrigerator match the cabinetry above?

You can achieve this look by choosing a fridge that is panel ready. Your cabinet partner would create panels, to match your cabinetry.

Would an open cabinet with lighting for decorative items over my refrigerator look good?

This would look very nice, especially if you will not utilize this space for traditional storage. This is a beautiful way to showcase some of your favorite items. Adding lighting is the perfect finishing touch. 

Open Cabinet with lighting – Pinterest

What if something is blocking space over my refrigerator?

No problem! You could have a wood beam or soffit that runs through your kitchen ceiling. You may have room for a small cabinet above your refrigerator; your cabinet partner or a carpenter can add trim and crown molding to finish the space as if it has always been there.

I hope this blog has given you some wonderful ideas for what to do with your space over the refrigerator. Discuss all your options with your kitchen cabinet designer for creative, yet functional ways to make this space work best for you!

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