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By Erica Dean

Stock cabinetry is cabinets that are manufactured with standard dimensions, styles, and finishes. They are produced and imported from across the country and around the world.

Fabuwood Framed Full Overlay Galaxy Linen Peninsula
Dean Cabinetry Kitchen with Fabuwood Stock Cabinetry

What are the benefits of choosing stock cabinetry?

Choosing stock cabinetry is a great option for many homeowners because it is very affordable and generally less expensive than the higher-end custom options. Stock cabinets can help you save money while finding the right fit for your kitchen cabinets.

Though stock cabinet lines offer fewer options, more often than not, you can find suitable styles and prices that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them. There are plenty of options for finishes and door styles while maintaining strong construction and lower prices.

Stock cabinetry is mass-produced, which gives it a major advantage over semi-custom and custom cabinets: quicker availability. This makes stock cabinets a great option if you are working towards a deadline or are hoping to remodel in a shorter amount of time.

Dean Cabinetry Eudora Semi Custom White Framed Full Overlay Kitchen Windows
Dean Cabinetry Kitchen with Kith Kitchen’s Eurora Semi-Custom Cabinets

What are the drawbacks of choosing stock cabinetry?

Stock cabinetry lines may not always be the best choice for a kitchen due to the limited options for designs, finishes, and dimensions.

Since stock cabinets are manufactured with standard measurements, it may be difficult to achieve a perfectly uniform look throughout the kitchen. The available options may not comply with the space’s restrictions and requirements. Also, if stock measurements do not fit your space properly, fillers may be needed, which would decrease the storage capacity.

While semi-custom and custom cabinets offer great capacity for customization, stock cabinets leave very little room for customization. However, stock cabinets are affordable and often provide many ways to bring your kitchen dreams to reality. Learn more about the difference between stock, custom, and semi-custom cabinets in our blog article.

Dean Cabinetry Fabuwood Stock White Framed Full Overlay Kitchen Pullout
Dean Cabinetry Kitchen with Fabuwood Stock Cabinets and Spice Rack Pullout

Are there any options for customization with stock cabinets?

Stock cabinets tend to have very few, if any, ability to be modified. However, you still have many options to upgrade stock cabinets by adding accessories, and therefore make them more customizable and unique for each home. Some of the most common add-ons and inserts include cutlery trays, spice racks, trash pullouts, base organizers, and more.

What lines of stock cabinetry does Dean Cabinetry offer?

Dean Cabinetry works with stock cabinetry from Fabuwood, Kith Kitchens, Wolf, Cabico, and St. Martin, along with others.

Within this group of stock cabinet providers, each company provides a range of pricing and design options. Each line houses an individual set of modifications and accessories that are available to you.