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Author: Jenny Cazares

What is light rail molding?

Light rail molding is a decorative trim installed on the bottom of your upper cabinets.  It is also called under cabinet light rail. It comes in a variety of styles.

It’s is used to conceal under-cabinet light fixtures. It provides a barrier from the light glare. 

It also adds a decorative element to your cabinetry.  Light rail typically matches your cabinet color.

Light Rail Molding- Pinterest

What are the types of light rail molding?

  • Standard
    • Light rail is attached to the bottom of your cabinetry (framed or overlay)
  • Integrated
    • Light rail is integrated into the cabinets frame (framed only)
  • Recessed
    • Light rail is hidden behind the doors (overlay only)

What styles of light rail molding are most common?

  • Flat
  • Shaker style
  • Beaded
  • Ornate

What tools will I need to install my light rail molding?

To ensure your installation looks professional, use the correct woodworking tools.

  • Chop Saw (never use a hand saw, you’ll ruin your trim)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Clamps
  • Yellow Glue
  • Compressor
  • Brad nailer
  • “L”  Brackets  2×2 (if needed)
  • Caulk or Wood Putty
  • Patience

How do I install light rail molding?

Be mindful of the molding height you select to ensure you will have room to accommodate any countertop appliances.  Make sure you know the thickness of your cabinet lighting before you begin.

  1. Always measure twice.
  2. Cut your larger pieces first; if you make a mistake you can use them for shorter pieces.
  3. Recess the trim pieces anywhere from a sixteenth to a quarter of an inch.
  4. Secure with brad nails.
  5. Glue your miter joints.
  6. Make sure your miters are tight for a professional, finished look.
  7. You may need to use “L”  brackets or add a cleat for securing your light rail to the finished ends.
  8. Use wood putty to fill nail holes and miter joints.

How to install Light Rail Molding

Helpful tips for installing light rail:

Always take your time and be patient, this is the finishing detail to your project; keep in mind that light rail is at eye level.

Make sure you are working in good lighting, cool white lighting is the best for this project.

Make sure the cabinets are plumb and square.

This molding is a nice finishing detail for your space. It can be challenging to hang if you don’t have the right tools. Preparation is important; look for more great ideas for light rails on Pinterest.com.