The Final Step Of Our Kitchen Cabinet Partnership Is Follow Up

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

What is a follow up?

Congratulations; your project is complete and you are now enjoying and loving your new kitchen!

Follow up is the final step of our six step process. Follow up takes place in your home.  

Our goals during this step:

  1. Personally thank you for choosing Dean Cabinetry as your cabinet partner
  2. See in person your new kitchen
  3. Get feedback on your experience with Dean Cabinetry
  4. Take photos of your new cabinetry
  5. Ask if you’d be willing to write an online review of Dean Cabinetry

When does Dean Cabinetry do a follow up?

Once your cabinets have been installed and any punch list items are complete, Leah Dean will reach out to you to request an in-home visit.

How long will the follow up take?

Leah strives to be in and out in one hour. 

We know your time is valuable and we sincerely appreciate our clients giving us this opportunity. 

Dean Cabinetry Follow Up Meeting

Why does Dean Cabinetry want feedback?

Our goal is that every client has a 10 star experience when they choose Dean Cabinetry as their cabinet partner. It is by hearing about your experience that we can continue to improve, and get closer to delivering a 10 star experience.

We want to hear your feedback as you progressed through our 6 step process. Your input will be brought back to our shop, disseminated and discussed with each of our team members. We will determine what improvements we need to make and where we did well. 

Through your feedback, we can also learn about your experience with your builder or contractor. We want to know who are the “best” in the industry so we can feel confident about who to recommend when a client asks for a referral.

Why would Dean Cabinetry want photos of my new kitchen?

Each kitchen project is unique and beautiful. Photos of your kitchen will help others to find inspiration and possibility for their kitchen project.

With permission, your kitchen photos will be featured on the ”Our Projects” page of our website. 

We may also share your photos on our social media, on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Why are the brands of appliances and other new items in my kitchen important?

When we add new kitchens to the Our Projects page on our website, we also include helpful links for viewers. These links may include info on appliances (ie the link to a Wolf gas range or a Bosch dishwasher), or other materials providers (ie a link to a Lighting provider such as Restoration Hardware ). 

We may also include links for your interior designer, builder, and/or contractor that was involved with your project. 

Why is an online review helpful?

We understand that in today’s world, consumers use the internet prior to making most large purchases. Whether it be a new car, home, or kitchen cabinets, consumers have  a wealth of info at their fingertips.

The information consumers find online will help them to narrow down the potential providers with whom they want to do business. By the time a consumer contacts a retailer, they are 70% sure of who they want to purchase from. 

We understand the importance of online reviews for future customers. Having consistent 5 star ratings is essential for sustaining and growing our business. 

We hope that you have been thrilled with our products and service, and that you’ll consider writing a review describing your experience with Dean Cabinetry. 

We look forward to the opportunity to do a follow up with you, in your gorgeous Dean Cabinetry kitchen!