Wet Bars: Tips and Ideas for Creating a Functional and Stylish Space

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

A wet bar is a designated space in your kitchen, or any other area in your home, that includes a sink, where you can serve beverages from. 

What makes it a wet bar?

A wet bar means this area of cabinetry includes a sink. 

The sink is typically a smaller sink than the main sink in your kitchen. You could choose a standard sink that is small, or choose from the myriad of sinks that are called bar sinks. Some even come with a cutting board attachment, and other accessories, to make it easier when prepping for cocktails and other drinks.

Why would I want a wet bar?

If you like to entertain, and want the additional space to prepare cocktails, or serve coffee and tea beverages, a wet bar might be a great option for you. If there is enough counter space, it also makes a lovely spot to place hors d’oeuvres and other food, where family and friends can serve themselves. 

What should I put in my wet bar?

A sink of course! Clients love to include appliances such as beverage refrigerators, refrigerator drawers, ice makers, a small 18” dishwasher, dishwasher drawers, a drawer microwave, and even built-in coffee makers. Items like instant tea kettles, countertop coffee makers, and even a SodaStream can sit on the countertop. 

When designing this space, you’ll also want to consider storage for wine, alcohol, mixers, seltzers, other beverages, and even plates and glasses.

How is a wet bar designed?

Typically a client will choose a designated wall space that is easily accessible to plumbing for the sink and dishwasher connections. A wet bar might consist of only base cabinets. It might also consist of base cabinets with wall cabinets or open shelving above.

Shallow drawers in the base cabinets are perfect for serving utensils, coffee pods, tea, napkins, straws, stirrers, and other “bar” necessities. Deeper drawers and pullouts are convenient for storing alcohol, wine, beverages, and dishes.

Many clients prefer wall cabinets with glass doors and interior lighting. This space is the perfect location to store different items, whether those items are functional or just for display. Open shelves are another option. Both are beautiful; it just depends on the look you are after, and the items you want to store in that space. 

If you’re a wine connoisseur, talk to your kitchen designer about the various options for creating a wine bottle display and storage for your collection!

Where should I put my wet bar?

Wet bars are great in kitchens, butler’s pantries, dining rooms, family rooms, entertainment rooms, basements, master bedrooms, and patios. If you don’t have the option to add a sink for a wet bar, a dry bar might be perfect for you!

Whether you decide on a wet or dry bar, your kitchen cabinet partner has you covered!