Toe Kicks in Kitchen Cabinetry Design: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

The toe kick is the recessed space at the bottom of your base cabinets; a few inches of space that enable your feet to rest comfortably under a small portion of your cabinetry.

How is a toe kick constructed?

What is sometimes called a “kick space”, is notched out at the bottom of your base cabinets, allowing you to get closer to the countertop without having to hunch over. It is typically 3” – 4” deep by 4 ½” high. It’s either painted or stained to match your cabinets.

How is toe kick helpful?

It allows your body to be ergonomically correct. While you are standing and working on your countertops, it reduces strain on your body by allowing you to stand closer to the countertop without leaning over. It also improves your balance and reduces fatigue.

Do I need a toe kick?

Without one, you would be standing further away from a base cabinet in order to avoid stubbing your toes. This forces your body to lean over your countertop and puts considerable strain on the back, shoulders, and arms. This might be an uncomfortable way to work, over a period of time, and can lead to chronic pain and posture issues. 

Are there different options for toe kicks?

Yes, you can choose from a traditional, decorative, recessed, or skirt.

When you meet with your kitchen designer, discuss your options for the different styles of toe kick available for your new kitchen!