Kitchen Speed Ovens: What Are They and Are They Worth the Investment?

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

A speed oven is an appliance that incorporates convection, microwave and sometimes grilling options.

A speed oven is an incredible appliance to have in your kitchen, by combining a few unique cooking options, it makes this appliance a nifty addition to any kitchen!

How big is a speed oven?

It is smaller and more compact than a standard wall oven, more like the size of a microwave wall oven. A speed oven could replace your need for a traditional oven and microwave. It is perfect for small kitchen spaces or if you’re looking to add an additional oven to your kitchen.  Although you will not have as much interior space with a speed oven as you would with a traditional oven, a speed oven could possibly be all you need.

How does a speed oven work?

A speed oven is 90% convection cooking and only 10% microwave power with built-in heating elements. This combination creates a golden brown exterior with a moist and juicy interior.

The convection fan circulates heat from the heating elements evenly; this creates a shorter cook time than in a traditional oven. With convection cooking, you may need to use a lower temperature when starting out, until you get used to cooking with convection. Although a speed oven does not heat food as quickly as a microwave oven, it will look and taste much better. 

Speed Oven
Speed Oven by Thermador

Will cooking with a speed oven save me time?

Yes, the combination of technology with a speed oven will reduce cooking times significantly; it is much faster than a traditional wall oven. When using your convection speed oven, you can cook at a lower temperature and your food will cook quicker.  It will not only save you time but also save you money!

How will my food turn out when using a speed oven?

Since a speed oven uses convection cooking, your food will brown on the outside and be moist inside. You will have more flavor than cooking with a microwave or regular oven alone. Microwaves can be known for overcooking and dehydrating your food, which makes your food rubbery and tasteless. 

Speed ovens offer a few different cooking modes, depending on the name brand you choose.  

  • Broiler/Grilling Mode-perfect for cooking baked pasta dishes, and chicken, and for grilling any type of fish. 
  • Convection Broiler Mode-used to brown your meat, chicken, fish, and potatoes, to create crispiness on the outside of your dish. 
  • Regular Convection Mode-used to cook your favorite roasts and yummy desserts quickly!

What should I not put in my speed oven?

You cannot cover your food with foil, metal lids, plastic lids, plastic wrap, parchment paper, wax paper… and even oven-safe lids. The only safe cookware to use in your speed oven is, clear glass Pyrex or CorningWare, and the glass or CorningWare lids when needed. 

Speed ovens are a terrific appliance for any kitchen; small ones, large ones…you name it! Talk to your kitchen designer today about the perfect space for your new speed oven and help with designing the beautiful, functional new kitchen of your dreams!