Understanding the Role of a Kitchen Designer: What They Do and How They Can Help You

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

Dean Cabinetry designers partner with you to design a beautiful and functional kitchen and cabinet layout for your new space.

Does Dean Cabinetry charge for design work?

No, we do not charge for our kitchen designs. Our designers are happy to collaborate with you on your project from start to finish.  

Our process was created to provide the best value cabinetry for our clients, so at a point in our process, your designer will ask if you are moving forward with Dean Cabinetry. 

Once you confirm that Dean Cabinetry will be your kitchen cabinet partner, your designer will continue to put their “love of design”, time, and resources into your project. They will collaborate with you until you are completely happy with your design, and you are ready to finalize your plans and order your cabinets. 

Will my designer design my kitchen if I do not have plans?

Absolutely, that is their specialty! They work on multiple projects at any given time and are happy to create a layout that works for your space and your lifestyle. Each designer has individual and extensive knowledge of kitchen design. 

You are in great hands with your Dean Cabinetry designer!

kitchen designer
Sean Ahern-Designer at Dean Cabinetry

Will my kitchen designer work with my architect, builder, or interior designer’s plans?

Yes, we will work closely with your contractors and are happy to budget your project if they already have plans. We will coordinate with your contractors to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish!

Will my designer meet with me?

Yes. Once you have been partnered with your designer, they will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule a showroom visit and/or a phone call. They will discuss with you your existing layout, and any layout and design ideas you have for your new kitchen. 

They will show you our different styles and levels of cabinetry, door styles, and finishes. Your designer will answer any questions you may have. 

We love to share our excitement about our new location, and we will offer you a tour of our facility. Our kitchen process is divided into 6 Steps, and our facility is divided into six areas. We will walk you through each of those areas and show you “where all the magic happens”. 

We are proud to be a Lean Company. We will show you how we incorporate lean principles throughout our company; in our office space, our shop, and our warehouse.

kitchen designer
John Dean Custom Wood Hoods-Dean Cabinetry

Will my kitchen designer offer suggestions?

Your kitchen designer will be happy to offer you suggestions. If they notice that something will not work well with your layout, they will let you know. We hope that you will be open to suggestions from your designer, so you will have the best flow and function for your new space.

Your designer will offer you all the functional conveniences such as cabinet inserts, accessories, rollouts, deep drawers, lazy susans, etc. for the cabinet line you choose. A designer never wants to hear from a client, after your kitchen is complete, “why wasn’t the XYZ option offered to me”?

Your designer will also want to know about any of your existing favorite kitchen tools. It is essential to ensure that the kitchen items you use most are quickly and conveniently accessible. 

Will I feel pressured by my designer?

Here at Dean Cabinetry, we are not sales-driven like the high-pressure salespeople you may have encountered in other cabinet showrooms. Our designers do not work on commission, each designer is salary-based, and we collaborate as a team. 

Our prices are consistent; we don’t offer “sales” or “specials” to lure you into making a quick decision. The designer’s job is to educate you about all the available options. There is no pressure; you are encouraged to choose the cabinet line and accessories that fit within your budget. 

Whether you choose stock, custom, or semi-custom cabinetry, each client receives the same customer service and attention level while your beautiful new kitchen is being designed. 

kitchen designer
Dean Cabinetry Design Meeting with Clients

Will my designer keep me informed?

Your designer will keep you informed on your design. They will alert you if we become aware of any price increase from our cabinet manufacturers, or if there are any foreseeable delays that are out of our control. Although it doesn’t happen frequently, you may have to decide sooner than later, depending on the circumstances. In this case, your designer will work with you to finalize your plans quickly and order your cabinets, so as to not affect your budget or time frame.

Will my designer come to my home to measure before ordering my cabinets?

Yes, if Dean Cabinetry is installing your cabinets, your designer will come to your home to take final measurements, while your project is in the design stage. Your designer will take all needed measurements and will note all site conditions, to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

If you are working with a contractor who will be installing your cabinets, your contractor will be responsible for final measurements, rather than your kitchen designer. Your contractor will also be responsible for approving the parts list and adjustments. 

Dean Cabinetry designers have a thorough checklist they complete throughout the design process. This checklist ensures that nothing is overlooked prior to ordering your cabinets.

Will my designer be available if I have any questions?

If you have any questions throughout our 6 step process, you are encouraged to reach out to your designer. Every question is important. You will be greeted by a member of our Discovery team when you call, and we are happy to put you through to the Dean Cabinetry team member who can best assist you. 

kitchen designer
Dean Cabinetry Weekly Team Meeting

All the love from our clients reflects the joy that our clients feel once they are living in and enjoying their new kitchen. Our designers, along with our entire Dean Team, work diligently each and every day, to ensure that your new kitchen becomes the heart of your home.

We hope that this blog has given you a realistic expectation of the level of professionalism and valuable services your Dean Cabinetry designer has to offer you!