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Author: Jenny Cazares

The Discovery team at Dean Cabinetry has many responsibilities.

How does the Discovery team keep track of clients and phone calls?

The Discovery team collects initial kitchen information from clients and contractors and adds them to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Dean Cabinetry has an excellent CRM that organizes, stores, and keeps track of all communication with clients.

Does the Discovery team keep track of customers in any other way?

The Discovery team is responsible for adding new clients to a clipboard and whiteboard for accountability. Dean Cabinetry feels it’s important that each client’s progress in our 6 step process is visually easy to see for quick reference.

Do the designers send discovery information to the Discovery team?

Sometimes, designers will receive discovery calls from contractors and the contractor’s clients. The designer will gather the needed info and will email those details to the Discovery team, so they can add them to the CRM system.

Does the discovery team write blogs?

The Discovery team writes one informational blog each week answering commonly asked client questions. These are posted on the Dean Cabinetry website. These links are shared often between the Discovery team, designers, and installers when the customer asks about our process.

The Discovery team is responsible for assigning another Dean Team member to write an additional blog each week. The Discovery team is responsible for always having two blogs in the queue ready to post each week.

Is the Discovery team responsible for Marketing?

The Discovery team sends weekly photos and video clips to the Dean Cabinetry marketing department to share on social media such as their Facebook page and Instagram.

Is the Discovery team responsible for planning events?

The Discovery team plans one special event each month, rotating between employee events and marketing events. They are responsible for ordering catering, creating email invitations, keeping track of attendees, and any follow-up involved for a particular event. 

Is the Discovery team responsible for ordering marketing items?

The Discovery team orders marketing items, professional items for events, and Dean Cabinetry clothing such as t-shirts, collared shirts, and sweatshirts, for both employees and for gifts. They are responsible for categorizing these items, keeping track of inventory, and making gift boxes for events.

Jenny Cazares preparing for an event at Dean Cabinetry

Does the Discovery team reach out for new business?

The Discovery team reaches out to builders, contractors, architects, and kitchen designers to introduce Dean Cabinetry as a cabinet provider, and to see if we might be a good partner for their kitchen projects. They will add each professional to their CRM, email them information that will be helpful for them to learn about Dean Cabinetry and our 6 Step Process for Kitchen projects.

The team invites these professionals into the showroom or visits them on the job site to introduce themselves and to get to know the professional. It’s important that the Discovery team asks many questions to understand how we can best serve them and their clients. 

Does the Discovery team have team meetings & accountability?

The Discovery team is responsible for updating company accountability spreadsheets weekly.

These include:

  • The number of discovery calls taken
  • Noting where each client found Dean Cabinetry (i.e. from our website, a referral, a contractor, etc.)
  • The number of customers that were partnered with a designer
  • The number of boxes of cabinetry delivered to client projects

The Discovery team schedules weekly team meetings to discuss issues, changes, and to get feedback.

The team manager, Kevin Dean, schedules meetings to review the progress and accountability of the Discovery team.

The Discovery team schedules a 20-minute cleaning period for the Discovery, Design, and Order teams (called 3S time). The teams do light cleaning in the Discovery, Design, and Order areas. 

Is the Discovery team responsible for the Follow Up step of our 6 Step process?

The Discovery team is responsible for our “Follow-Up” process. This is the last step in our 6-step process. This is an essential step; the Discovery team member visits the client in their home, gets feedback on their experience with Dean Cabinetry, sees the completed space, takes photos to share on social media and the Dean Cabinetry website, and brings a “Thank you gift”. 

The Discovery team is then responsible for editing the photos, uploading them to the drive, letting the marketing team know they are available on the drive, adding the client feedback info to the client’s folder, and letting Dean Cabinetry team members know that the feedback is available to read.

Does the Discovery team ask for reviews?

The Discovery team asks clients to write an online review on Google, Houzz and/or Facebook (Google is the preferred review space). Feedback and reviews are very important to Dean Cabinetry in order that we continuously improve. They are also important for potential clients to get a feel for our company, our culture, and what they can expect when partnering with Dean Cabinetry. We greatly and sincerely appreciate our clients taking the time to write a review. 

Is there anything else the Discovery team does?

Yes…funny you asked! Since the Discovery team has their desks near our showroom front door, you will often see us hopping up to greet clients. You may see us opening the doors for Oakley (our 4 legged best friend who loves to go in and out all day long) if he is not already looking for John Dean or following him everywhere he goes!

Oakley & John Dean

What is a good summary of the Discovery team?

The Discovery team is a group of highly motivated team players. They assist in any way they can to help both clients and designers. Although they have many responsibilities, ensuring their clients and contractors receive excellent customer service is their main goal at Dean Cabinetry!