Microwave Options for Your New Kitchen: Tips and Ideas

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

Depending on your kitchen layout, you may have several microwave options to choose from for your new kitchen.

What is a standard countertop microwave?

This is your traditional stand-alone microwave. This option is usually stored on your countertop. You can, however, store this microwave in an open cabinet with a finished interior (base cabinet or wall cabinet), or on a shelf. This will keep your countertops free and clear. 

They are available in small to large sizes, in a variety of colors, and in stainless steel. Countertop microwaves are the most reasonably priced, starting at around $60 to a few hundred dollars.

What is a hood microwave?

The hood microwave, or the “over the range microwave”, is mounted above your range, with cabinets installed over it. They often offer ventilation; some will recirculate air and others will vent air to the outside. This option is convenient when you have a small kitchen; it keeps your countertop space free. 

Hood microwaves are typically available in white, black, and stainless steel, although you can find more specialty colors. Hood microwaves may range from $200 plus; they are very reasonably priced. 

What is a low-profile microwave?

This microwave is similar to the hood microwave. They are installed above the range, with cabinetry over it, yet they offer a modern, sleek, compact fit, more like a hood vent. They are about 10.25” in height, which is 6 inches less than a typical over-the-range microwave.

This microwave is great if your ceiling height is lower, as it will create a more sleek, less cumbersome look. They are usually available in white, black, and most common, stainless steel. These can range from $350-$600 plus. 

What is a built-in microwave?

This microwave is built into your cabinetry. You can choose either a single wall microwave, or a microwave and wall oven, or a combination unit including a microwave and an oven. Typically the microwave would be above the wall oven, to make it easier to access. This is a great option when you have wall space. A built-in microwave can range from $400-$2000 plus. A microwave and oven combo can run anywhere from $2000-$6000 plus.

microwave cabinet
Built-In Microwave with trim kit 
microwave above oven
Microwave Wall Oven Combo-Pinterest

What is a convection microwave?

This microwave is a combination of a convection oven and a microwave. It has a fan inside that circulates heat, for roasting and baking. These can be purchased as stand-alone microwaves, drawer microwaves, built-in units, or a combination microwave oven units. Pricing can vary from $180-$3500 plus. 

What is a drawer microwave?

This is the newest, hottest trend when it comes to microwaves. Drawer microwaves are very convenient, easy to reach in, and clean. Yes, it opens out like a drawer! The drawer microwave is built-in to your base cabinets, commonly housed in the island, peninsula, other base cabinets, in a butler’s pantry, or a wet and dry bar area. A drawer microwave can range from $1000-$2000 plus.

Is there a range and convection microwave oven combo?

Yes, this is another popular choice. This unit is great if you have a smaller kitchen or do not have a lot of cabinetry space for a built-in microwave. The microwave convection is on the top portion of the range, with the convection oven below. These appliances can range from $1500-$3500 plus.

combo oven
Samsung Range with Convection Microwave & Oven

You have many choices to choose from when it comes to selecting the right microwave for your new kitchen! Talk to your kitchen designer about your kitchen design and how you will use your space. They will offer suggestions for the best location for your microwave.