Floating Floors: What Are They and Are They Right for Your Kitchen?

Jenny Cazares| Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

Floating floors are becoming more popular as consumers are choosing this option for their durability and easy maintenance.

What are floating floors?

“Floating Floors” is not a “style”, it only refers to the method of how the material is installed. 

Floating floors are just that, they “float” above the subfloor. This type of flooring is a  great option if you cannot remove your old flooring, or if you will be laying your new flooring on top of the subfloor.

The floating floor material consists of multiple layers of flooring that are joined together. The backing provides the strength and stability, while the top layer provides the color and finish; similar to engineered wood floors.

Installation of most floating floors requires no nails or glue.

Installing Floating Floor – Flooring Clarity

What are the different options of floating floors?

  • Vinyl plank flooring
    • vinyl material
    • highly durable
    • scratch resistant; not scratch proof
    • waterproof; great for kids, pets, high traffic areas and spills
    • comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors & styles
    • finishes are available that mimic the look of hardwood and have the texture of hardwood
    • $1.50 per sq. ft.; luxury vinyl planks can be more pricey; $10.00-$12.00 per sq.ft. 
  • Laminate plank flooring
    • a multi-layer synthetic flooring product
    • the core layer is primarily made from melamine resin and fiberboard material
    • durable
    • is not scratch proof
    • is not waterproof. If it gets wet, it will swell and warp; not recommended to use in homes with kids & pets
    • finishes are available that mimic the look of hardwood
    • $2.00-$6.00+ per sq. ft.
  • Engineered planks-hardwood floors 
    • consists of layers of plywood glued together with a finished top wood layer (that adds strength and durability)
    • highly durable
    • is not scratch resistant or scratch proof
    • can dent if something heavy falls on it, just as natural hardwood floors can
    • is not a waterproof product; if it were to get wet it could expand and buckle
    • comes in a wide variety of colors
    • mimics hardwood
    • 2.50-over $12.00 per sq. ft.
two built in ovens white cabinets
Dean Cabinetry- full kitchen remodel with luxury, vinyl plank floating floors.

Why would I choose floating floors?

  • They are easy to install.
  • You can remove them and take them with you.
  • They are easy to change if you change your design style and color.
  • Perfect over radiant heat flooring.
  • They offer a huge selection of styles and colors.
  • You can lay them right on top of concrete or subfloor.
  • They come in a range of costs.
  • They are durable and some are waterproof.

Installation of these floors should happen after your cabinetry is installed. If you need to install them prior to installing your cabinetry; follow instructions by a professional

Floating floors are durable, beautiful, and come in a large selection of styles and colors. Speak to your flooring professional about the many available options to select the right floating floor for your lifestyle, and the look you are trying to achieve.