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Author: Brooke Nero

What are decorative ends?

A decorative end is an applied panel, mimicking your door style, that is attached to the exposed end of a run of cabinetry. 

Decorative ends are purely decorative and are therefore not necessary. Although they are not functional, for some, they provide a more finished look, as opposed to a flat, finished end.

decorative ends
Dean Cabinetry– Fabuwood Decorative End / Flat Finished End-Fabuwood

Where would I use decorative ends?

Decorative ends can be used on all exposed ends of your cabinetry, or in just a few areas. 

They look great on the ends of your base and wall cabinets, and on the sides and/or back of an island or peninsula, especially in open-concept spaces.

decorative cabinetry panels
Cabinet & Island Decorative End – Eudora Cabinetry

Can I use a decorative end anywhere else in my kitchen?

You can add a decorative end to the panels around your refrigerator for a more complete, decorative look. This will dress up your kitchen and make the large panel feel more like cabinetry.

refrigerator end panels ideas
Refrigerator Decorative End – Pinterest

Using decorative ends really comes down to preference and price.  Regardless of your choice, your kitchen cabinet partner will discuss your options, and work within your budget.

They will design a beautiful kitchen you will be proud of and will enjoy for years to come!