By Sarah Laroch

At some point in every homeowner’s life there comes a time when the current style of their home begins to feel outdated and could use some updating. But what can a person who’s already on a tight budget, do to give new life to their house interior? Think cabinets. Yes, cabinets. Although it may not come as the first thought for sprucing up a home, these surfaces account for a majority of visual space in the kitchen and bathroom. By giving cabinets a paint job, replacing the hardware or refacing, it is possible to refresh rooms without breaking the bank.

Dean Cabinetry Kitchen Updated with Fabuwood Stock Cabinets

Option 1: A Good Paint Job

When deciding to roll up one’s sleeves it is important to go into the job with realistic expectations and a bit of know-how.

Step 1: Choose an Appropriate Paint

In the orange and blue box stores of home repair, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices for paint. Before evening stepping foot into the store do some research to ensure you can get the correct material for the job.

  1. Determine the cabinets’ wood type.
  2. Is the surface painted already?
  3. Gloss or matte? (Shiny or flat appearance)

Once armed with that information, delve into the wide assortment of paints and finishes. Always feel free to ask an associate or professional to ensure a good match.

Step 2: Take Off All Cabinet Doors and Hardware

Unscrew all hardware and remove all doors. If choosing to change hardware, patch up the holes left after removal.

Step 3: Deep Clean All Cabinet Surfaces. Inside and Out.

To warrant a good outcome when painting, clean all surfaces. This will make sure that the paint will adhere well and not leave unsightly bumps from dust and debris.

Step 4: Prep the Work Area

Put down protective covering around surfaces to ensure sanding debris and paint doesn’t infiltrate other areas.

Step 5: Sand, Clean, and Paint

Now sand all surfaces to remove previous paint/varnishes to give a tacky surface for the paint to adhere to. Use a fine grit sandpaper to allow for fewer mistakes in over sanding. Once the sanding is complete, clean once more, and paint the cabinets.

** It is important to follow the manufacturer instructions for proper drying times and the appropriate amount of coatings for optimal coverage. **

Step 6: Re-Assemble the Cabinets

Once the cabinets have had ample time to dry and cure it is time to re-attach the doors.

Voila! Enjoy new and updated cabinets at a fraction of the cost of hiring a contractor!

Option 2: Replacing Hardware

Sometimes just adding new accent pieces can liven up a room that may be feeling drab. Browse online and in stores and it is easy to find a plethora of different hardware choices with a unique personality.

If already re-painting cabinet doors, it’s a perfect time to add a little extra if the budget allows.

Custom Dean Cabinetry Kitchen with Updated Hardware

Option 3: Re-Facing Cabinets

Refacing is one of the more expensive options for re-inventing cabinetry in this list, but it takes the hassle out of buying an entirely new set of cabinets.

Some stores and cabinet designers offer re-facing as a more affordable update. Simply choose new cabinet doors in a new style, guarantee the proper measurements, and await the order. Once the order arrives a contractor can be hired to install, or they can be installed by the buyer. This is definitely the most worry-free option but comes at a higher cost than doing-it-yourself.

Sometimes the extra money just isn’t there to completely overhaul the home, but simple tricks like this can satisfy the need for something new and at a fraction of the cost. There are several stores that sell and offer refacing packages and a can of paint can go a long way. Do the research and make sure to choose to go with an option that is of high quality and the right choice for the right price. Get quotes from several stores to guarantee the best value. Speaking with the professionals at Dean Cabinetry is always a great option in the Connecticut area. We are happy to answer all questions and meet any needs within a specified budget.