Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Jenny Cazares

When it comes to designing your new kitchen, trust your gut.

“When the project is in process, your feelings can be heightened. Don’t second guess your choices, stay the course, and trust your intuition.” 

Christina W.

Christina W. offered this great advice for clients when designing their new kitchen. Christina and her family love entertaining, so it was very important for her to have a well-planned design and welcoming space for everyone.

One very unique feature in their kitchen design is the bar area. It is loaded with a bar refrigerator, an ice maker, and plenty of rollout drawers to store cocktail glasses and tasty beverages. The window above the bar is genius; it lifts up and opens to their outdoor bar seating area. In essence, it is an “inside / outside” bar. 

We love this design; these happy homeowners are all set and ready for entertaining this summer. Christina trusted her gut and went with it!

Why should I trust my gut on my kitchen design?

Well, for one thing, your gut instincts are usually right. Instinct, also known as intuition, is your immediate understanding of something. There is no need to think it over, you just know. 

Once you get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, you don’t need to get another opinion from a family member or a friend. Remember, their advice may be particular to what “they like”, or how they would use your space. Pay attention to that little voice inside your head, and heed what you hear. 

Is it normal to second guess my choices?

Absolutely, it’s normal to second guess your gut feelings.

Remember, your designer has your best interest in mind. They will:

  • ask what you don’t like about your existing kitchen
  • ask about your cooking routines
  • ask if you entertain frequently
  • how you plan to use your new kitchen
  • ask for all the items on your wish list

Based on the info you provide, your designer will collaborate with you to create a beautiful, functional kitchen, one that incorporates the best kitchen layout and design. They will give many suggestions, but ultimately, it is up to you to pick and choose what works best for you, and what fits in your budget.

Christina trusted her gut and she got the kitchen of her dreams. Her family will have many years of enjoyment in their spectacular new kitchen, designed absolutely perfectly for Christina and her family!