By Karen Warner, Designer at Dean Cabinetry

When hiring someone to do a project in your home, there are many factors to consider. A good contractor can make the project run as smoothly as possible, and will take care of coordinating the different trades, timelines, and details necessary in a kitchen or bath remodel. Factors to consider when looking for the services of a contractor include comfort level, quality, and price.


Anytime someone is working in your home you should feel comfortable with them. One way to establish trust in a contractor is to get recommendations from friends and family (or from your cabinet partner!). Contractors should be able to give you names of past clients you can contact, to learn more about what their experience was. In addition, it’s a good sign if you feel good about their communication style and feel that you are being listened to.


The contractor should have experience in the kind of project you need done. Again, this is where recommendations and referrals are helpful. You might be able to go and visit a current or recent job completed by the contractors you are considering. These days, online reviews are often available, which can also be a useful resource.

If you have specific topics or concerns in mind that are particularly important to you, discuss them early on so you know what to expect. A dependable contractor can bring benefits that you won’t even realize – because potential issues will be taken care of before they become problems!


It’s usually helpful to meet and get quotes from two or three contractors. While price is an important consideration, it is just one of many factors to weigh as you are deciding who to go with for your project. High quality work, that gets done in a timely manner, can be worth a lot when your kitchen is being remodeled and your life is out of its usual routine. Remember the common saying: “Good, cheap, and fast – pick two!” A research survey of people who had recently completed a kitchen renovation found that almost half wished they had spent more. You don’t want to end up regretting your choice of a contractor later, wishing you had spent a little more for the one you actually felt better about.

Choosing a contractor for your project is an important decision. If you need help, Dean Cabinetry works with many excellent contractors; we are happy to help you find one that you feel is a perfect match for your project.