Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Jenny Cazares

Since the fridge is one of the largest appliances in your kitchen, the size of your refrigerator is important for your kitchen design and its location must be chosen carefully. Oftentimes, there are only one, or two, feasible locations for your fridge, so it is important that the fridge you choose fits your space as well as possible. 

There are important factors that your designer will need to consider when planning for the spacing and cabinetry around your fridge:

  • Clearances
  • Openings
  • Door Swing
  • Proximity to counter space
  • Walkways
  • Accessibility

As you start to search for the perfect fridge, you will find there are many options available. They come in many widths and depths. 

Your cabinet designer will need to know the model number of the fridge you’ve chosen. They will look up the exact dimensions and specifications to ensure that the fridge functions properly and that the cabinetry around it fits perfectly. 

What options do I have when choosing refrigerator depths?

There are 3 general categories of refrigerators to choose from:

  1. Standard Depth
  2. Counter Depth
  3. True Counter Depth
  1. Standard Depth Refrigerator
  • Commonly used
  • More interior storage space
  • Reasonably priced
  • A large selection
  • Not commonly panel ready 
  • Of the three options, will extend past your countertop the most 

Counter Depth Refrigerator 

  • Becoming increasingly popular
  • Slightly taller and wider, yet more shallow
  • Might have slightly less interior storage space than a standard depth fridge
  • Mid range pricing to more expensive
  • Some are panel ready
  • The depth of the doors would stick out past the countertop edge
  • Offers a more high end, aesthetically pleasing look
  1. True Depth Refrigerator
  • Usually taller than standard and counter depth fridges
  • Variety of widths available
  • The fridge box and doors will be flush with your countertop depth
  • Interior storage space may vary depending on the model you choose
  • Available in stainless, other finishes, or panel ready
  • Can have larger/smaller grills and toe kick for a more commercial look
  • The most expensive fridge option
  • Offers a luxurious look

What are the typical measurements of a standard depth, counter depth, and true counter depth refrigerator?

  • Standard Depth Refrigerator 
    • 24-40 inches wide
    • 62-72 inches tall
    • 35-36 inches deep (with handles)
  • Counter Depth Refrigerator
    • 30-36 inches wide
    • 66-72 inches tall
    • 24-30 inches deep (not including handles)
  • True Counter Depth Refrigerator
    • 18-72 inches wide
    • 66-84 inches tall
    • 24-25 inches deep (not including handles)

What does a panel ready refrigerator mean?

A panel-ready fridge means the fridge will have an unfinished front. These appliances require a panel to be added to the front to make it complete. The panel will cover the entire front of the unit (i.e.full overlay), giving it a unified look with your cabinetry. 

Can my plans be adjusted, if I change the size of my refrigerator?

If your cabinets have not yet been ordered or put into production, then yes, it is not too late. Reach out to your designer as soon as possible, and let them know of the new refrigerator model. They will check the specs to see what adjustments will need to be made to your plans and your cabinetry.  

How will my plans be affected if I choose the same size but different model number refrigerator?

If you need to change your fridge from one model to another during the design phase of your new kitchen, let your designer know as soon as possible. Each fridge model has its own specifications. Your designer needs to review these specs in order to make sure your fridge fits and functions the way it is supposed to. Different fridge models require different distances around it, in order for doors and drawers to open correctly. 

If your cabinets have already been finalized and ordered, making changes may include additional costs. 

You can understand how important it is for your kitchen designer to be aware of any changes in your fridge size and model number during the design stage. During the layout of your kitchen, it is important, but not essential. Their job is to provide you with the best design that suits the desired aesthetic you are looking for. 

Whether you choose standard depth, a counter depth, or a true counter depth fridge, your kitchen designer will create a lovely kitchen layout and design that will incorporate your refrigerator selection beautifully!