The Kitchen Project Timeline

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

A kitchen remodeling or renovation project has different phases and elements, and all the various parts and processes take different amounts of time. It’s good to know what to expect as far as the timeline goes, so you have the right expectations.

Every project is different, and the time estimates below vary a lot. Part of the reason some things take less or more time is because people make decisions at a faster pace than others – or have more time to devote to the planning, meetings, and follow-up that are involved. Working with a professional designer, contractor, and others in the industry, can help ensure that things move along as smoothly as possible.

PHASE 1: Preliminary Planning

DURATION: A few days to a few months.

  • Determine the style and features you want for your new kitchen — magazines and online resources can be helpful. We find that Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest are great for inspiration for your kitchen, whether it be for cabinet style, countertops, flooring, backsplash, and cabinet hardware (just to name a few). We also recommend viewing our completed projects section for ideas.
  • Think about problem areas in your space that need to be addressed – now is your chance to fix these issues!
  • Decide what appliances you would like to include.
  • Establish your budget and the scope of the project. Will the layout change? Will walls come down? When you talk with a contractor, you’ll learn more about how changes may affect the cost.

PHASE 2: Refining the Design

DURATION: A few weeks to a few months.

A. Work with a professional kitchen designer to fine-tune your vision.

  • Many of the topics in the Preliminary Planning stage will overlap this section as you work together to finalize the design.

B. Find a contractor.

  • You’ll probably want to get recommendations and meet with two or three candidates. (See our previous article on selecting a contractor here.)
  • Once you’ve agreed on the scope and the pricing, you’ll need to get on their calendar.

PHASE 3: Final Material Selection and Ordering

DURATION: A few weeks to a few months.

  • Now that you have a design and a contractor, you can coordinate the contractor’s schedule with the lead time on the materials, and place the orders to keep things progressing on schedule.
  • Allow enough time for your cabinets and other items to be made and delivered to your location. Things usually arrive as expected, but occasionally there are delays possibly due to discontinued stock, backorders, or damage. If you have ordered your products from professionals at local showrooms, they will help find timely solutions if this happens.

PHASE 4: Work Begins

DURATION: A few weeks.

  • Depending on how extensive your project is, this stage will vary a great deal. If possible, plan ahead as to where you will set up a temporary kitchen with a fridge, microwave, hot plate, coffee maker, etc. Also, arranging with the contractor for a temporary sink can make life much easier. Check out our kitchen renovation survival guide on how to be best prepared for this stage of the process.
dean cabinets in the installation phase

PHASE 5: Cabinet Installation

DURATION: 2 days to 1 week.

  • Our professional installers have the experience, attention to detail, and abilities to do a wonderful job with your new cabinets, in the shortest amount of time. The size and complexity of the project will determine how long it takes.
  • Know that it is not uncommon for an installer to do the majority of the work in the first couple of days, then return after the counters are installed, to take care of the remaining items. If there are things that need to be re-ordered or touched up, this may take a little longer.
  • The appliances and cabinet hardware (knobs and pulls) should be onsite when the cabinets are installed, so there are no delays with the cabinets or counters.

PHASE 6: Counter Tops

DURATION: 10 days to 2 weeks.

  • Most counter tops are templated onsite after the base cabinets are installed. The fabricators then return a week or two later, and install your new counters and sink.
  • Once the seal connecting the sink to the counter cures overnight, the plumber can reconnect your water and drain.

PHASE 7: Finishing Touches

DURATION: A couple days to 2 weeks, usually.

  • After the counters are installed, your backsplash can be finished, and any outstanding items can be taken care of. A kitchen renovation is a complex undertaking. It is time to enjoy your new space! Congratulations!

Our Dean Cabinetry Team looks forward to being your Kitchen Cabinet Partner From Start to Finish!