Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Jenny Cazares

What are the pros to having my cabinets to ceiling?

1. Will I have less dusting to do?

If you have wall cabinets that go to the ceiling, there is no empty space to collect dust. Dusting the area above your cabinets is time consuming, and if you add decorative items in that space, you will have to dust them as well. 

By installing these cabinets, you will only need to dust the cabinet doors from time to time.  

2. Will I have more storage if my cabinets go to the ceiling?

By adding these cabinets, you will have additional storage (and who doesn’t love more storage?). You will have more space to store cookware, small appliances, and seasonal items.

3. Can I display decorative items in my 2nd tier cabinets?

Yes! If you have second tier cabinets, you could incorporate glass doors in those cabinets, interior lighting, and display your favorite decorative pieces. This option is beautiful and easy to maintain. You may need to dust the exterior of your cabinets, but the interiors should stay relatively clean and dust free.

extending cabinets to the ceiling

John Dean Custom two tiered cabinets-Dean Cabinetry

4. Do cabinets that go to the ceiling have a more finished look?

Those cabinets to ceiling height can provide a complete and polished elegance. The way in which they and crown “connect” to the ceiling, provides that extra pizazz that creates a high end look and feel. 

What are the cons of extending kitchen cabinets to the ceiling?

1. Is it difficult to reach the interior of my wall cabinets that go to the ceiling?

Depending on your ceiling height, and how tall you are, you may or may not be able to access the top shelf of your wall cabinets. Many clients will use stools to reach them. 

If you have second tier cabinets, some people will install rolling ladders; like you see used in libraries. For ease of use, you could store items you need only occasionally in your second tier cabinets. You could also display only decorative items in the second tier, so you are not accessing those cabinets frequently.

ceiling cabinets
Rolling Library Ladder-Pinterest

2. Is there an additional cost for wall cabinets that go to the ceiling?

The cost of wall cabinets that go to the ceiling may have been included in the budgeting of your kitchen cabinets. 

At Dean Cabinetry, when we budget your kitchen cabinets (if you have a standard height of around 100”) we include wall cabinets that go to the ceiling, along with crown molding, and the cost for installation.

Some companies may mislead you into thinking that cabinets that go to the ceiling add a significant cost. This is not true. There is only an incremental cost when increasing the height of your wall cabinets, in order to get them to reach the ceiling.

The reason cabinet companies don’t often encourage their clients to get ceiling cabinets, is because of the extra time it takes to scribe the crown molding to the ceiling. If they stop before the top, the installer can simply attach the crown to the top of the wall cabinets and be done. There is no scribing the crown to the ceiling.

Even though the cost is incremental, some clients’ budgets may not allow for wall cabinets that go to the ceiling.  Although they look lovely and add an extra detail, if you have a tighter budget; this may not be a good option for you.

3. Would cabinets that go to the ceiling make my small kitchen feel crowded?

If you have a smaller kitchen space, ceiling height cabinets (or second tiered cabinets) may help to make your kitchen feel more spacious. Those that extend to the ceiling carry your eye upward, creating a more fluid and complete, look and feel. White cabinets would help make smaller kitchens feel more spacious, rather than going with a darker cabinet.

The decision to have your wall cabinets extend to the ceiling is a beautiful option. If you have the budget for it, and if it’s practical for you, then this may be a great choice for your space.