This summer is bringing important transitions and milestones here at Dean Cabinetry. Exciting things are happening and we’d love to share some of them with you!

Though many here revel in the downhill skiing opportunities of winter, seasonal changes into spring and then summer are always welcome. Each year, as the weather warms, the custom cabinetry shop opens up the big delivery doors in the back to let in the fresh air and sunshine. For the designers in the front of the shop, over the past few weeks we’ve watched a large family of geese grow from adorable, fuzzy hatchlings to gawky adolescents as they search for snacks in the grass of the front lawn and lounge in rain puddles on the driveway.

Some of our younger team members are progressing in growth of their own. Keaton and Erica graduated from high school in 2019. Congratulations to both of them, and best wishes as they create their futures! And Kevin, who will be a college senior in the fall, has been using his interest and aptitude for business thinking to help us streamline our systems and work as efficiently as possible. And Kevin and Leah are also working together to optimize our marketing efforts and outreach.

Some big news for Dean Cabinetry is our upcoming move to our new building! We’ve outgrown our current space and are looking forward to the bigger location a couple miles away. It’s been fun meeting with the architect and talking about design choices for the space. John has been spending a lot of time working there to prepare the building, and it’s coming along beautifully. Walls have been removed, a metal roof beam was installed to open up the workshop space, windows have been added on the front of the building, and many more changes are to come. The basketball hoop installed early on in the warehouse area offers a convenient break from the physical labor!

Summer is a good time for travel, vacation, and visits with friends and family. We’re making sure we fit in some fun and relaxation too. A nice early June event was the company outing to a professional soccer game, complete with delicious tailgating!

As our company grows, relationships are built and grow as new people come on board. At the same time, other people are moving on to new adventures in new locations, and we wish them well. Hope you’re enjoying your summer too!