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Author: Norine Farrell

Should my kitchen cabinet provider also install my cabinets? As you shop for your kitchen cabinetry, you will find providers who:


    1. Want to install your cabinets

    1. Do not provide installation services

For those companies who install the cabinetry they sell, there are several reasons they feel strongly about this.

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Dean Cabinetry Cabinet Installer

1. Installation that Makes Financial Sense

Having a third-party installer complete your kitchen cabinet project puts you at risk for costly mistakes. Instead of the cabinet provider and/or manufacturer owning the mistakes, they are now likely owned by you. 

If during installation, cabinets or cabinet doors become nicked or dented, corners chipped, or fillers not cut and placed properly, then it potentially increases the installation time and costs incurred. If your crown molding isn’t cut and installed properly, then you will likely need to purchase more molding. Causing another visit to be scheduled.

Since cabinet installers work in the field every day, they are extremely skilled in the installation process. They have techniques to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and they work in a time-efficient manner.

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Kitchen Cabinet Installation by Dean Cabinetry

2. A Cabinet Provider’s Promise

Your cabinet provider should be committed to cabinet function and appearance (under normal use) for years to come. Once the installation and the punch list are completed, your cabinet provider should be happy to come out and do any needed adjustments or touch-ups for the first year.

After the first year, your cabinet manufacturer warranty should still be in effect. Along with the warranty for your functional hardware, pull-outs, inserts, etc. Should you require future adjustments or touch-ups, this service should be available at an hourly rate.

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Kitchen Cabinet Installation by Dean Cabinetry

3. Providing your cabinet installation allows for the best communication of Punch List needs

A punch list is a list of any cabinetry items that need adjustments or corrections after the initial installation is complete. When your cabinet provider installs your cabinetry, they take full responsibility for any punch list items for which they are reasonably responsible. Following the installation, it is best for you to take a little time to use and inspect their cabinets. This is in case there are any additional items to add to the punch list.

In the HGTV article written by Elizabeth Beeler “How to Choose a Cabinet Installer”, California-based builder Ben Davies is quoted saying, “The most important thing is to allow the same person or company who designs the cabinets to also install them. If you don’t and mistakes are made, installation costs quickly go way up. If you come across a cabinet maker who doesn’t install, go with another company.”

Wrap it Up

Choosing cabinets for a kitchen remodel is exciting and opens a whole world of possibilities. It makes sense to continue the process with the professionals who take ownership of their craft from start to finish. Futhermore, they care about your kitchen coming out right.

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