Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Jenny Cazares

This blog was created based on advice given to us from a very happy client who recently completed her kitchen renovation. She felt that a new client could benefit by sketching a design of what they envision for their space, prior to their first meeting with their designer.

Note: This may not be for everyone. If you are completely overwhelmed by the idea, by all means, allow your designer to create an initial kitchen layout for you. If, on the other hand, you are so excited, and you can’t sleep (because you have so many ideas rolling around in your head) take this opportunity to create something on paper.

Should I create a sketch of how I envision my kitchen, prior to meeting with my kitchen designer?

Our client’s advice was, “Yes!”

This client felt that thinking out their layout ahead of time was very helpful, especially when meeting their designer for the first time. Although this is not necessary, it will get you excited about the next steps in creating your new kitchen. 

How do I sketch a design?

Take a piece of plain paper or graph paper and draw the walls of your space. Include the wall and door openings, and window locations. This can be a very simple layout, or as detailed as you’d like to make it.

Measure your space and mark the measurements on your draft, these do not have to be “spot on measurements”, so don’t worry. Your cabinet partner will take final measurements prior to ordering. Don’t forget to include the ceiling height; this is important information for your designer to know what size wall cabinets and crown to use.

Mark on your layout where you would like your appliances to be; this is helpful if you plan on relocating any appliances, such as moving them to an island or installing a double wall oven.

Should I include in my sketch any wall changes, door changes, or window changes that I plan to make?

Plan on changing any walls, doors, or windows? It’s a great idea to include that in your sketch. If you are planning on taking a wall down, draw that space as you hope it will be. 

If you’d like to add an island, sketch the space with the possible dimensions for your new island. Be sure to include stools if you want them. Your designer will work with your sketch and they will let you know if the space accommodates your wish list. 

Should I provide two sketches, my before and after?

If you are keeping the same layout or “footprint” of your existing kitchen, then one sketch will do.

If you intend to make structural changes or change the layout with a new design, it might make sense to sketch your current footprint and then a separate sketch for your new desired layout. Taking photos of your existing kitchen will provide an excellent reference point for your designer. Your designer should be very adept at reviewing your photos and understanding your space.

Should I work with my cabinet partner on my sketch layout?

Unless you have everything decided on and know exactly what you want, it is always a good idea to listen to your designer and any ideas they may have. They will offer ideas for flow, functionality, and convenience. If your designer sees an issue with your sketch layout, be open to listening to their advice. They are the professionals when it comes to kitchen cabinets, layout and functionality to create the best possible space, while meeting your needs, and your budget.

Your cabinet partner is here to guide you through the process; they will work closely with you every step of the way and incorporate your ideas to ensure you are extremely pleased with the finished result!