Finding Inspiration Photos for Your New Kitchen: Tips and Ideas

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

This idea came from a client who offered helpful advice on finding inspiration photos for your new kitchen.

“If you’re looking for ideas for your new kitchen, look at as many inspirational photos as you can find; then look at some more.”   – Lynda R.

Why are inspirational photos helpful?

Inspirational photos are very helpful, whether you have an idea of what you love and what makes you happy, or absolutely no clue. Inspirational photos will help you determine the look you are after and will help you narrow your selections to your “top picks”.  

Once you have gathered your inspiration pictures, select what you like in each photo. Perhaps you like the finish of the cabinets in one, but the style of cabinets in another. 

Clients will often find a trend in the photos they are saving. They may have thought they didn’t know what their “style” is, but after saving a few, they may notice there are similarities among the photos. 

I find it is very helpful to create a mood board once you have gathered your top choices. You can then envision how each of the details will look together. It’s also a great idea to share inspirational photos with your kitchen cabinet partner. Your inspiration will help your designer to understand your vision, and get a good sense of the look you are trying to create. 

Where do I find my inspiration?

You can find inspiration all around you! From the colors of the sky to the trees around you, to the colors of a pillow on your couch. Sometimes inspiration and design ideas come from within, but for others, this can be a challenge.

Once you’ve decided on your kitchen cabinet partner, check out their website. A good website will have photos of recently completed kitchen projects so you can understand what can be accomplished with each cabinet line they offer. 

You should be able to find plenty of inspiration from their website. Be sure to read their reviews and select a reputable company.

You can also find beautiful inspirational photos on sites such as

You can search any topic such as, “Custom inset kitchen cabinet design” or “Modern farmhouse kitchen design” and the results are endless. You may also search for products, like a farmhouse sink or pot filler.