Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Jenny Cazares

This blog idea is from a happy client who added electrical outlets inside her new kitchen cabinets. 

Her advice to future clients:

“Think about any items you may want to store inside your kitchen cabinets. Do you want to keep your counters free of your small appliances (or other items) off of your counters, and inside your cabinets instead?  Will you want to charge items such as your mobile devices, ipads, or laptops on the inside of a cabinet? If so, you need to add electrical outlets to the inside of your cabinets.”

How do I keep my countertops free of clutter?

One popular style in today’s kitchens is clean, simple lines. 

Staying on trend with this look, more and more clients want to keep their counters free and clear of clutter. In order to accomplish this, something needs to be done with small appliances, and all those items that often end up on kitchen counters: phones, computers, chargers, mail, papers, canisters, etc.

If you envision your counters to be free of these kinds of items, you should discuss this with your cabinet partner, and your electrician, early on in the design process. 

It’s always a good idea to Sketch a design for what you envision for your new kitchen.

How can my cabinet designer help me if I want outlets inside my kitchen cabinets?

It is important that your designer understand how you plan to use your kitchen, and what items you use most. Together you can determine what items you’d like to access easily, yet have tucked away. This will determine where you will need electrical outlets. 

What are things I should consider when adding electrical outlets inside my cabinets?

  • Keeping these items off your counter is a game changer: phones, laptops, iPads, chargers, etc. You will need an outlet behind the cabinet as well as USB ports inside your cabinetry.
  • Do you want a cabinet that serves several functions? Find a location where you could store items such as a landline phone, mail, kids school paperwork, food items, etc. 
  • Hiding small appliances within a pantry on rollouts or shelves 
  • Tucking small appliances away in a cabinet that sits on a countertop
  • Keeping small appliances hidden in a cabinet with foldaway doors

Do I need to talk with my electrician about where I want outlets inside my cabinets?

Yes. Once you have a preliminary layout, you should connect with your electrician. 

Provide your electrician with your plans, so they can see where outlets are needed. A good electrician should be able to determine any potential issues or give you the go-ahead if everything you want can be accomplished. 

How can I be sure I have thought of all the outlets I will need?

  1. Take an inventory of what you would like to keep on your counters and what you’d like to have hidden.
  2. Collaborate with your cabinet partner to come up with a plan of how you will include those items on the inside of a cabinet.
  3. Get excited about your clutter-free countertops while still having easy accessibility to the items you use most!