John Dean Custom Cabinetry Built Ins

This portfolio features many pieces of custom cabinetry, most of which were designed, built, and installed by John Dean himself!  The portfolio features projects from the early days of Dean Cabinetry, when John did it all, as well as some newer pieces!  Check out the Libraries, Dens, Entertainment Centers, and everything in between.

Dean Cabinetry Custom Built-Ins

Built-in cabinets are one of the best ways to bring a custom, luxury feel to any home remodel project. Not only can built-ins provide a sophisticated level of design, they can also provide practical storage. 

While Dean Cabinetry is primarily known for our beautiful kitchen cabinets, our custom built-ins often steal the show with the added uniqueness each brings. Bringing a balance of function and form, here a just few ways you can consider using built-in cabinetry to elevate your design:

  • Mudroom Storage
  • Wet & Dry Bars
  • Fireplace Surround
  • Library Storage
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Closet Storage

As home design has begun to feature a more open concept, living areas have never been more connected within a house. Custom built-ins can connect two areas of cabinetry within a single space or provide a more seamless transition, signifying where the kitchen “ends” and the living or work space begins.Functionally, built-ins can serve to maximize to storage, especially in areas where a furniture piece may not be the best fit. 

This portfolio features a number of Dean Cabinetry custom built-ins from both the earlier and more recent days. Let your designer know if there is a space you think could use a built-in!