John Dean Custom Cabinetry White Beaded Inset Kitchen

Vernon, Connecticut

This elegant, fully custom, kitchen space features beaded inset style cabinet in our staple white dove finish. The client expressed their desire to update their previously clear wood, classic kitchen to a more modern, bright space and that is exactly what Dean Cabinetry was able to do for them! The darker color palette of the floor, backsplash, and countertop make the dove white especially pop. The space is full of custom features including a double layered silverware drawer that provides easy access to ample silverware and cookware storage space, a capability that the client especially desired. This is one of the many advantages of going with our John Dean Custom Cabinetry line, we are able to alter every specific detail of the kitchen to your unique needs!

“The entire experience with Dean Cabinetry was professional, pleasant, and rewarding. The entire Dean team, from owner, designer, and installer was customer focused, and delivered an amazing custom kitchen of our dreams. As an amateur woodworker, I especially appreciated their attention to detail, and the use of high-quality materials throughout. We believe that we received a high-quality product at a very good value, and supporting a local company was an added bonus, that streamlined the logistics of our project. In our experience, Dean Cabinetry is a great company, operated by talented, friendly people.”

-Robert Winkler