Eudora Semi Custom White Full Access Full Overlay Kitchen

Vernon, Connecticut

This unique kitchen space features Eudora cabinets in both a navy blue and alabaster white finish. The kitchen features a small island that provides ample countertop space for cooking and serving needs. One of the many perks on going with our semi-custom option is the ability to make convenient modifications. In this project, one modification included a notched drawer underneath the cooktop that allows for easy access to cooking utensils! Come sit with one of our designers and find out which of our options fits your cabinetry needs best!

My wife and I are delighted with the results of our 2020 kitchen renovation project, and a large part of the credit is due to the involvement of Dean Cabinetry.
This is the second house in which I have renovated the kitchen. For the first renovation project, I purchased cabinets from one of the big Home Center stores. The major benefit I experienced between working with Dean Cabinetry and what I would expect my experience would be working with a Home Center again is in the amount of kitchen design assistance that Dean provided.
Getting the design right is clearly very important. We had a general idea of what we wanted to do, but the design needs to be detailed. We met with Leah Dean four or five times over a two month period, and made changes to the design several times. An early design used a free standing range, but later we decided we would rather make room for a wall oven with a separate cook top. The dining area adjacent to the kitchen would be too tight for an occasional dinner with many guests, so we wanted an island with wheels so that it could be moved to allow more seating. Dean’s designer, Lauren, provided dimensioned layouts and 3D renderings of each of the design iterations. The 3D renderings were particularly helpful in deciding to choose a blue color for the base cabinets with white wall cabinets.
The cabinet quality and installation was very good. I do woodworking as a hobby, and have built some cabinets over the years. The close fit of the doors and drawers on the frameless cabinets we chose is quite impressive to me. Everything works as it supposed to.
Dean also helpfully suggested some suppliers for counter tops, flooring, and appliances that they knew some of their other customers had good experiences with. For each of these items, we ended up using one of the recommended suppliers.
We have been living with our new kitchen for several months now, and have not found anything that we wished was done differently. One drawer needed to be adjusted almost immediately, and Dan, one of the installers came back and took care of it. Our complete experience working with Dean Cabinetry has been excellent, and I recommend them for a kitchen renovation project. 

David H