New Trends in Cabinetry and Kitchen Remodeling: What’s Hot in 2023

Norine Farrell | Dean Cabinetry    
Leah Dean | Dean Cabinetry

By: Norine Farrell & Leah Dean

Although there is no all-knowing resource to follow for the newest trends in kitchen layout, design, and cabinetry and kitchen remodeling choices, there are definitely popular trends that stand out. Social media is a wonderful source for ideas; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Houzz, just to name a few. Your local cabinet manufacturers, cabinet providers, and Google Images are also great sources for finding current inspiration.

As you search for inspiration for your own cabinetry and kitchen remodeling, you might like to know what is trending, and what design, styles, and finishes have stood the test of time.

Dean Cabinetry Trending Remodeled Kitchen

As the recent challenges of 2020 caused more time being spent at home than most of us can ever remember, the kitchen grew as a focal point. It became the hub of activity for individuals, couples, and families. We worked from home, attended classes from home, and talked to family via Zoom calls… very often in our kitchens!

Although 2020 was difficult in so many ways, one positive was that household families spent more time together, and very often, that time together took place in the kitchen. Families had the chance to be a bit more creative with meals, and cooking became a favorite pastime again. While trends always develop in kitchen design, 2020 certainly propelled the interest in kitchens forward!

Kitchen islands had been a prominent design element for years, and the COVID-19 pandemic definitely pushed that trend further. Both adults and kids needed to set themselves up in a spot to work and learn. Consequently, the popularity of the kitchen “island” grew even more. At times, the island is taking the place of a table and chairs, by providing seating for the family, as well as becoming the school or office as needed!

You’ll see the island also take on the role as a meal prep surface. It may contain the primary (or secondary sink), a cooktop/range, and will always be the center of attention when guests and family are gathered together. We no longer retreat to the kitchen by ourselves to do all the meal prep, far away from our guests. The kitchen now brings the party, food, fun, and people together!

Large Kitchen Island Trend | Dean Cabinetry

Specialty ovens are a popular investment in today’s kitchen. For example, a convection/speed/microwave oven can sometimes replace/be an addition to the “oven” part of a traditional range by providing a more flexible cooking solution. This type of oven combines speed cooking, baking, broiling, and microwaving all in the same unit.

If space allows, double ovens are also a popular choice. They provide functional meal preparation options for larger families, parties, and holidays.

Lastly in the appliance realm, designers are seeing an increase in clients purchasing panel-ready appliances. This is in order to incorporate their appliances into their cabinet design for an anesthetic, continuous look throughout their kitchen cabinetry.

What hoods are popular?

And speaking of ovens, more homeowners are creating a decorative focal point above their range or cooktop with a beautiful wood range hood. These can be a stained or painted hood, designed in various shapes and styles. They can extend beyond the profile of the cabinetry, and can even feature an accent color as a statement piece in the kitchen. Hoods using various wood species have become extremely popular!

Chimney hoods are also very popular. You can find them in many different styles, finishes, and metals. There are so many different metal hood decorative details that can add beauty and style to your kitchen design. These hoods can be a gorgeous focal point in your new kitchen.

Drama has entered into cabinetry and kitchen remodeling!

These are trends we are noticing:

  • Kitchen cabinetry with different finishes (whether it be painted or stained). Perhaps an island, beverage/coffee area, or serving area may have a different finish than the other cabinetry
  • Kitchens including both stained and painted cabinetry
  • Cabinetry incorporating more of a “furniture feel”
  • Using different door styles in different areas of your kitchen
  • Mixing cabinet hardware, styles, and finishes
  • Using various metals in different areas of your kitchen, ie faucets, cabinet hardware, appliance hardware, lighting fixtures, appliances
Kitchen Trend: Hood & Backsplash as Decorative Focal Point

Will certain cabinet finishes always be in style?

This is a question we get frequently, especially around the specific question: “White cabinets are popular now, but do you think they will go out of style?”. Our standard answer is “Cabinets with a white finish have been our most popular painted cabinet for the past 20 years, and we don’t see it changing, period”. Clients will, though, frequently opt for white perimeter cabinets, and an island of a different finish, whether it be wood or another painted finish.

A common request of clients is that their kitchen be bright, with lots of light. What a better way to accomplish this desire than with white painted cabinets! We have seen the top choice of “white” paint change over the years. Years ago, Benjamin Moore’s White Dove was the most popular custom paint we used. Although White Dove is still popular, these whites top the charts in our custom shop: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, Simply White, and Decorators White. When the color choice isn’t white, shades of blue, gray, and green, are very popular finishes.

When it comes to your kitchen’s color palette, the choice is yours!

Although stained kitchen cabinets are not as popular as they were years ago, certain woods and finishes are now very popular, walnut being one of them! Oak, so very common for kitchen cabinets years ago, has also gained in popularity, especially with all of the different stain tones that are available.

We do let our clients know that stained cabinets tend to hold up better, over time, with wear and tear. If there is a scratch or dent, the variations in the wood will “hide” it more easily. The “touch-up kit” usually can resolve the issue quickly and easily.

Once you have settled on your cabinetry and kitchen remodeling design including: layout, cabinet style, finish, appliance positioning etc…make sure to discuss important add-ons like cabinet pull-outs for efficiency, well-designed organizers, appliance lifts or any other device that will make your life easier, and the beautiful center of your home even more functional. Due to your specific space, you may have certain challenges to overcome. Your designer will work with you to help you get the most efficient use of every inch you have, from wall to wall, and floor to ceiling.