Kith Kitchens is a wonderful semi-custom cabinetry line that we carry at Dean Cabinetry. Their cabinetry line provides our clients with a beautiful kitchen with a custom-look without the cost of custom. Get a detailed look into a beautiful finished Kith Kitchens’ kitchen project on the video tour below.

In the video tour, the kitchen designer will explain how she used Kith Kitchen products to enhance the space. This kitchen features high ceilings. So, double-stacked cabinets and hood shape help bring your eye to the ceiling. Similarly, the light-up glass cabinets at the top attracts your attention to the ceiling height.

The kitchen designer also explains how to use crown molding to bring the cabinetry to the ceiling. As well as how to use crown molding to tie the cabinetry and the hood together in this kitchen.

Lastly, the video shows how the hood size scales proportionately to the room size and the range. Kith Kitchens has a custom hood program that allows for the right size hood based on the kitchen’s proportions.

Kith Kitchen Beautiful Finished Kitchen Tour | Video by Kith Kitchens

Fun fact! Dean Cabinetry’s Kevin and Leah Dean got to tour the Kith Kitchens manufacturing facility in Haleyville, AL in 2019. Kevin and Leah got a close-up look at their efficient cabinetry-making process. In the video below, Kevin explains the insights they learned on their tour and brought back with them to the Dean Cabinetry team in Bolton, CT.

Dean Cabinetry Tour of the Kith Kitchens Cabinetry Manufacturing Facility

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