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By Brooke Nero, and Leah Dean

If the homeowner is doing all the needed work, then yes, Dean Cabinetry can create a kitchen layout. If you have questions about your space (that need to be resolved by a contractor) then we can only create a layout based on your existing kitchen. 

I am planning on doing all necessary electrical, plumbing, etc; can you create a layout for me?

Yes. We can create a layout based on the measurements you provide.

I have not found a contractor, can you create a layout for me? 

If you have not found a contractor, we can create a layout based on your current space and the measurements you provide. It will not include any potential revisions to your layout that include changes to doors, walls, windows, soffits, ceilings, etc.

In order for Dean Cabinetry to provide the best value to our clients, we need to follow our 6 step process and practice lean manufacturing principles. We are unable to provide the best value cabinetry if our designers put in hours of work on a project, only to find that your contractor says the layout you have envisioned will not work within the structure of your home. 

We will also not be able to “dive deep” into your design until you have selected a contractor.

What will a contractor do for me that is important to my kitchen layout?

A good contractor will help guide you in making the decisions that might affect you in getting the best kitchen layout possible.

We prefer that you start by speaking with a contractor to determine if the changes you envision are a possibility. 

A contractor will determine if changes to the following are possible in your home:

  • doors 
  • walls
  • windows
  • ceilings
  • structural beams 
  • plumbing 
  • Electrical
  • Flooring

Will Dean Cabinetry create a layout for me once I have a contractor?

Yes. Once you secure a contractor they may measure and create a drawing of your proposed kitchen layout. 

Dean Cabinetry 3D Rendering
Dean Cabinetry-Kitchen Layout Design

This will provide us with an accurate “template” of your new space. The Dean Cabinetry design team can then get busy thinking about all the possible layouts for your dream kitchen. Once a client has a contractor, these projects are able to move more quickly through our 6-Step Process.

If you need help finding a contractor, we are happy to refer you to a contractor that might be a good fit for your project. We look forward to meeting you and creating a gorgeous and functional kitchen in your new space!

Dean Cabinetry-Design Team Meeting

To ensure your project goes smoothly we will work together with you on your plans and coordinate with your contractor from start to finish! 

It’s extremely exciting for you and your new kitchen so sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in “putting the cart before the horse”. We understand that everyone’s time is valuable; which is why we have created this process that works! 

Here at Dean Cabinetry, we pride ourselves on being a lean company and we strive to eliminate any activities that may waste valuable time or not bring value to the customer.