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By Kevin Dean

There are many ways to go about remodeling your kitchen.  Some people prefer the quick and easy, others want to DIY, and others seek the advice of a professional. Hiring a kitchen designer for your project might be the right choice.

What does a kitchen designer do?

A professional kitchen designer is proficient in all the colors, styles, materials, and trends of the kitchen space.  The best designers will have a keen sense of kitchen functionality as well as a strong grasp of the construction process.  They will first create a kitchen layout that best serves the client and their space. They will then determine the best styles and materials to fit this layout.

Kitchen Designer

Do I need a kitchen designer?

When considering a new kitchen it is a very good idea to work with one.  In fact, in most cases there is no way around it. Cabinetry companies rarely sell cabinetry directly to the consumer, and therefore a designer will be involved in your new kitchen.  This is to your benefit as there are a lot of complications with cabinetry. Bringing together hundreds of parts to create the kitchen of your dreams is no small feat.  

How much does a kitchen designer cost?

A designer will charge for their services in a few ways.  Typically, they will design the cabinetry and then mark it up to the client, usually 10% to 30%.  Most designers who operate out of showrooms charge with a markup. Sometimes they work independently and without a showroom.  In these situations their pricing is different for each designer. They might charge on an hourly basis for their time as well as marking up the cabinetry.  They might also get involved in other parts of the kitchen such as countertops and lighting which they will mark up to the client.

What is the difference between a kitchen designer and an interior designer?

There is a big difference between these types of designers.  In fact, it can be a sensitive subject for the designers on both sides. An interior designer will work with many parts of the home, and follow a theme or themes.  Whereas a kitchen designer will focus only on the cabinetry and function of the kitchen. This chart below compares the knowledge base each:

kitchen interior designer

How can a kitchen designer help?

They will bring your kitchen to the next level of style and function for you and your family.  Their knowledge and expertise will make sure that you get the best value and function for your space.