Kevin Dean | Kitchen Designer | Dean Cabinetry
By Kevin Dean & Leah Dean

This is an honest telling of why you would or would not choose to work with Dean Cabinetry. We’ve written this article to help you understand our company, and if we are a great fit for you. We absolutely love what we do, and we take great pride in our work.  We want you to enjoy your kitchen cabinetry for years to come.

What is our mission?

At Dean Cabinetry, our mission is to be an innovative and astonishingly great kitchen cabinet partner.

We absolutely love what we do and we take great pride in our work.  We want you to absolutely love your cabinetry.  We’ve written this article to help you understand our company, and the value we have to offer you!

Why Dean Cabinetry is right for me!

Our goal is to find the best value cabinetry for you and your family.  We can hit any price point and any level of quality.  We do not pressure our customers one way or another, we simply want to help you find the best option. 

Dean Cabinetry has created a 6 step process to deliver beautiful cabinetry! This process has proven to be very successful for our company and our clients.

Dean Cabinetry delivers quality products.  We started as a custom cabinetry manufacturer and thoroughly understand the ins and outs of cabinet quality and construction.  

Dean Cabinetry is a fun family environment – we are all team players and help one another.

We listen to our customers and our employees, and we value all input.

Dean Cabinetry takes great pride in operating as a lean company.  Lean is a business theory based on continuous improvement and the elimination of waste. 

Because of our lean process, we offer very competitive pricing.  Lean is also about eliminating non-value-added activities and strictly doing activities that deliver value to our clients.  

We believe that our clients will appreciate this as it allows us to use time efficiently and offer the best pricing. 

The Dean Cabinetry Team on Valentine’s Day

What will Dean Cabinetry provide me?

We are happy to invest our attention, time, and effort into your project, once you have committed to moving forward with us. We will collaborate with you and design your dream kitchen!

Our specialty is cabinet layout, function, and design.  We can help with the colors and finishes of your cabinetry, and we have countertop providers to assist with any project.  Additionally, we are happy to refer you to an interior designer if you need help pulling your kitchen together; we have relationships with wonderful professionals, and our clients have been very pleased with their services.

We know there are many companies you can choose from when it comes to purchasing kitchen cabinets. Few can match our quality and level of customer service, responsiveness, and commitment to our clients.  We show you the value of our products; we deliver and install with care if needed. 

Learn more about Dean Cabinetry and answers to any questions you may have on our Learning page. Hear what our clients have to say about their new Dean Cabinetry kitchen; Love from our clients!

Leah & John Getting Feedback on Client’s Kitchen

We stand by our products to ensure our customers are happy with their beautiful new kitchen for many years of enjoyment, with family and friends! Our commitment to superior customer service is what each and every client receives from start to finish!