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One would think that choosing “a sink for size” for your new kitchen would be a quick and easy task. In reality, there are several factors that can add difficulty to a seemingly simple purchase. In order to ensure your sink will fit, there are several essential elements to consider before you make your purchase.

Measuring Sink For Size

At this point in the process, you most likely have chosen what style sink you are getting. If you are still undecided, feel free to check out this blog 6 Types of Kitchen Sinks. If you are considering a farm sink and would like more information on the different types of farm sinks, you may find this article helpful: What is the Difference Between a Self Trimming and a Bowl Sink?

Once you have determined the style of sink you’d like, the next step is to determine what size sink will fit in your cabinetry. At this point in your process, your designer and you have most likely determined the best location for your sink. Most kitchens today are designed with a 36” sink base cabinet. Depending on your design, layout, and spacing, you may have a larger or smaller sink base cabinet; perhaps a 39” wide, a 33”, or a 30” wide cabinet.

Your designer can now provide you with your “sink base cabinet width”. After, it’s time to find the perfect “sink for size” for your kitchen.

Sink For Size Farm Sink

We recently had a client send us this email: “We went shopping for sinks yesterday and got ourselves a bit more confused. How do we know the sink we choose will fit in our cabinet?”.

Knowing your sink style, and your sink base cabinet width, you can start to search for a sink that will both be the right style and that will fit in your cabinetry. As you look at sinks, and find ones you like, be sure to check the manufacturer specifications of each.

The manufacturer of each sink you are interested in should have specs readily available. The spec sheet should provide the sinks “Minimum cabinet size” and give you a width dimension: ie 36”, 33”, 30”, and so on. Make sure the sink you choose meets the width of the sink base cabinet you see in your kitchen cabinet drawing. See example below from House of Rohl’s website.

Sink For Size Option
Sink For Size Measurements

Your kitchen cabinet designer will double-check that the sink you choose will fit. Therefore, when you provide your designer with the model number of your chosen sink, also provide the link to the specs for each sink, or download the specs and provide it to them. Once they review your sink choice, they will let you know if you are good to go ahead and order your new sink!