Kevin Dean | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Kevin Dean

We’re writing this blog to help you see the path toward a successful project and partnership with Dean Cabinetry! Our goal is to be your “Kitchen Cabinet Partner from Start to Finish”.  We really and truly believe in the power of our partnership to make your cabinetry dreams a reality.  Therefore, we want to make the cabinetry project process as smooth as possible for you, our clients.

We’ve designed thousands of cabinetry projects over the years and have developed a very thorough process to meet all of your needs and wants.  Some of our clients have trouble understanding this process.  We ask that you trust us and trust our process.  Check out our reviews here.


When you first call Dean Cabinetry, you will speak with a member of our Discovery team.  This team is responsible for gathering some initial information about your cabinetry project process, beginning to understand your project, and pairing you with the best fit designer.  

Leah Dean of the Discovery Team

Once you are paired with a Dean Cabinetry designer your project will progress to the budget stage.


What is the budget stage?

In the budget stage we want to:

  1. Examine your project details.
  2. Develop budgets and choose the best value option for your project.
  3. Provide all the information you need to make the best decision.
  4. Partner you with your designer.

To start, your designer will prepare and email you multiple budget options along with some proposed meeting times. We are also available by Zoom and Google Meet, if needed. Typically, we budget each cabinetry project with an option for each cabinetry level.  The different levels are:

  • Stock
  • Semi custom
  • Custom
Budget Options Chart

These won’t be exact quotes but rather starting points.  You will certainly have questions and our designers will be happy to answer them.  The next step is to set up a phone call, or a showroom appointment.

What will we talk about during the initial meeting or phone call?

The goals of our budget meeting are:

  • Further understand the scope of your project
  • Discuss your budget direction
  • Understand your concerns when selecting a service provider.

An initial budget meeting with a designer will take 1 to 2 hours.

What do I do after the initial meeting?

Determine your budget direction.  If we need to meet again to discuss the budget process and understand your options, we are happy to do so.  We will not discuss design details in great depth until we determine a budget direction.

Why do we need to determine a budget direction?

You want to get the best value cabinetry for your budget. Our goal is to deliver the best value cabinetry design to you and your family.  We can hit any price point and any level of quality.  We aren’t going to pressure you one way or another, we simply want to deliver that best value.

If we start talking about the design before we determine a budget direction, we could lead you down a path that is not right for you.  When the budget is not determined up front it becomes difficult to help you because we are on different pages.  It is important that we exceed your expectations, and therefore, we need to know your limitations.

I’ve picked my budget direction, what’s next?

Weigh your options, prices, service providers and pick a company to work with.

Why do my concerns about selecting a cabinetry provider matter?

There are lots of cabinet providers to choose from.  Most of them are quality companies that really care about you as their customer.  They want your project to come out right, and they are willing to invest a lot to make sure of it.  Your reasons and concerns for choosing between them matter.  Make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each before you make a decision.  Our designers will be happy to discuss what to look for when selecting a provider.

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Kitchen Design Plans
What if I don’t want to commit to a company?

We are very willing to invest our full attention, time, and effort into your project.  Going over design revisions again and again is what we do to ensure your project comes out right.  We love working with you to find the best value and design for your space.  We would love to help everyone with their projects but our time and resources are limited.  To ensure that our committed clients are taken care of, we are unable to invest in your project without a commitment to us as your cabinetry provider and partner.

How do we commit to Dean Cabinetry?

A verbal agreement with your designer, that you are moving forward with Dean Cabinetry, is all we need.  With your commitment, we will be happy to give you copies of our design drawings as well as our full design attention.

Before placing your order, all we ask for is a verbal agreement that you are moving forward with Dean Cabinetry.  It might take months, even years before you place your order, and that is not a problem at all.  We are happy to help and offer our design services, as long as your commitment to us as your service provider is clear.

What can you expect from Dean Cabinetry before a commitment is made?

During this step of our process we are happy to meet with you and discuss anything budget related.  This includes your project details, scope, and budget.  The team is also happy to discuss any concerns you have about service and cabinetry providers.

An initial design drawing for your project will be done and we will provide a budget option for each cabinetry level.  We can review the design drawing in our showroom, but we cannot send the drawings to you or give out copies.  You are welcome to take a copy as soon as you commit to us as your service provider.

We cannot offer multiple design drawings until a commitment has been made to Dean Cabinetry.  We go above and beyond for our committed clients and therefore we need to limit our work before we have a commitment.

How do I know that Dean Cabinetry will be able to create the layout and design that is best for my space?

We’ve designed thousands of kitchens for every size, space, and configuration imaginable. We love what we do and will do everything we can to make sure your design is one you will love now and info the future. Feel free to peruse our gallery, reviews, and social media.(add link here to Gallery, IG, FB) You will find we have very happy clients!

I’ve committed to Dean Cabinetry, what’s next?

Congratulations! We are super excited to move forward with you into the design stage.  This is where our partnership, and the real fun begins.

Dean Cabinetry Design Meeting


What is the design stage?

Design is where we dive into the finite details of your cabinetry project process.  Working toward the best design and layout, the inserts, where all your “stuff” will go.  The real essence of your project.

There will be meetings, phone calls, and emails.  You will work with your designer to turn your vision into reality.

This is also where other designers, contractors or service providers get involved so that we can plan your project thoroughly.

Does the design stage cost money?

Our cabinetry project process design services are included with the purchase of your cabinetry.  As long as you are committed to us as your service and cabinetry provider, our design services are included free of charge.

How long is the design process?

However long it needs to be. Our goal is to be as responsive as you need us to be.  If you need your cabinets ordered in 2 weeks, we can make it happen.  If there’s no rush, that works too.  As long as we have your commitment, we’ll be there for you.  Until we have your commitment, we cannot prioritize your project over our other commitments.

Here is a guide to help you understand where your project is in our 6-Step Process:
  1. Discovery: We answer questions and provide info in order to be paired with a designer.
  2. Budget: We have phone calls and/or showroom meetings to determine a budget direction.
  3. Design:
    • 3 +: I’m committing to Dean Cabinetry as my cabinetry provider.
    • 2: I need to finalize my design in the next two weeks.
    • 1: I need to finalize my design this week.
  4. Order: I have finalized my cabinetry details and placed a deposit.
  5. Install: My cabinetry will be installed and my project wrapped up.
  6. Follow up: I get to share how easy my experience was!