Creating a Mudroom with Stock Cabinetry: Tips and Ideas

Sebastian Nagpal | Budget & Design Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Sebastian Nagpal

This blog will help you answer some questions you may have about mudrooms storage cabinets built with stock and semi-custom cabinetry.

mudroom cabinets
Mudroom Cabinetry Cubby Compartments

Why have a mudroom?  

A mudroom is a great way to minimize or simply localize the inevitable clutter of outerwear, shoes, backpacks, and any other quotidian items you or your family use. 

What can I do if I love mudroom cabinets but don’t have a designated room in my home for one? 

You do not need to have a designated mud room to take advantage of its organizational benefits. An adequate space near a frequently used entrance of your home can easily be converted into a mudroom area with the addition of an entryway set. 

mudroom storage cabinets
Mudroom Cabinetry Dark Wood

Can you build a mudroom with stock cabinetry?

Yes, we can! We can even build a mudroom from our semi-custom cabinetry line that could still be more budget conscious than custom mudroom cabinets. Granted, there may be certain design limitations, we can usually find a creative way to use materials from our stock and semi-custom cabinet lines to bring your mudroom to fruition. 

How do you build a mudroom out of stock cabinetry? 

Stock and semi-custom mudrooms are built from materials from their respective stock or semi-custom kitchen cabinetry catalogs. Because these companies don’t provide specific materials for mudrooms, we had to get a little creative! In general, we build stock and semi-custom mudrooms out of cut-down fridge panels, ¾” finished ply, and wall cabinets. Of course, there is also the crown installed on top of the wall cabinets, toe kick or baseboard molding, and any other finished or decorative paneling, such as beadboard, for the wall of the mudroom or back of the entryway set.

What are standard elements of mudroom cabinets?

There are three major components in most mudrooms storage cabinets and entryway sets: seating, storage, and coat hooks. You can usually find some form of storage space below the bench and above the coat hooks. This storage can be anything from open cubbies, to cabinets with doors, to a floating shelf to hold baskets. 

custom mudroom cabinets
Mudroom Cabinetry Shoe Cabinet

Are there standard sizes or dimensions for a mudroom? 

There aren’t any fixed dimensions for mudrooms or entryway sets but there are some general measurements we like to abide by to create a comfortable and usable space. We recommend the depth of the seating area to be anywhere from 16”-18” deep. We usually design the bench height to be somewhere between 16.75”-18”. Lastly, the height from bench top to the coat hooks should be anywhere from 35”-50” to accommodate for long coats. 

Do you have any mudroom design element recommendations? 

There are many ways to create custom mudroom cabinets or use stock mudroom storage cabinets. We’d be happy to discuss suggestions to help you enhance the functionality of that space.