Making Your Laundry Space More Functional: Tips and Ideas

Leah Dean| Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

We are writing this blog to give you good ideas about how to make your laundry space functional and convenient.

How do I make the most use of my functional laundry space?

Whether you have a 500 sq foot laundry room or a 25 sq foot laundry closet, you can design a space that works best for your lifestyle.

How do I make my single door laundry closet more useful?

  • Depending on the size of your stackable unit, you may be able to add cabinetry or a shelf above for storage.
  • Add a thin pantry cabinet or shelving along the side of your unit with a clothing rod.
  • Install cool white lighting in the closet and the hallway, since this area tends to be dark.
  • Install a small pull-out ironing board to the back of the door. You will need approximately 4” of space behind your units for hoses and dryer vent, for room to close the door.
  • Accessories, such as a folding table, a rack to dry clothes & hooks can be installed on either side of the door.
Both Images-Single Door Laundry Closet with shelving~Pinterest

How do I make my double door laundry closet more useful with stackable or side-by-side units?

  • Install cabinets and shelves for storage, add baskets and hamper space, if available.
  • Add a countertop above your side-by-side front loader machines for folding space. If you have stackable units, you can add a smaller countertop beside it.
  • Hang a clothes rod above counter space.
  • Install barn doors for a charming look and to utilize all of your closet space.
  • Add a decorative wallpaper design to the back wall.
  • Hang an ironing board or other utility items on the doors.
  • Install cool lighting, if needed.
Double Door Laundry Closet~Pinterest
Side-by-Side Laundry Closet~Pinterest

How can I make the most of my pantry laundry room?

  • A laundry sink might fit nicely in this space, which would be very convenient.
  • Tiling the space behind your sink is a beautiful look & functional, it’s easy clean-up for those tough messes.
  • Cabinets blended with open shelving are great for kids’ laundry baskets and separating whites & darks. 
  • Add cabinets & shelves wherever possible for any additional storage.
  • Decorative baskets and containers look nice to store items on shelves.
The Pantry Laundry Rooms~Pinterest

How do I make my bathroom/laundry room combo blend together when my appliances are exposed?

  • Add cabinets above, below and along the sides of your washer and dryer for storage & paint them to match your existing space.
  • Add a longer countertop on top of your front loading machines. 
  • Make a space below the countertop to store hampers out of the way.
  • If you have top loaders, hang a rod for clothes or add painted shelves to store baskets & decorative items.
  • Install wallpaper behind your units and lighting above.
  • Hang a ladder above your units or stand it against the wall for a drying rack.
  • Create a partial wall or half-wall, although still visible, this creates a bit of separation.
hallway laundry room ideas
Creative Open Laundry Space in Bathrooms~Pinterest
bathroom laundry room
Partial Wall Separating Laundry from Bath~Pinterest

How do I make my bathroom laundry closet more appealing?

  • Install a sliding barn door for a creative look while being able to utilize all of your laundry space.
  • Build out your laundry closet and add cabinets above. Frame it & add nice doors to match your existing bathroom.
  • Add decorative wallpaper. The peel & stick contact paper makes it easier than ever to install and remove if you change your mind.
  • Add cabinets and shelves inside for storage, baskets & decorative items.
  • Use cool white lighting for more visibility, since this area tends to be a darker space.
hallway laundry space
The Hidden Laundry Space in a Bathroom~Pinterest

What is the best way to utilize my functional laundry room space?

  • Tile the walls or hang wallpaper to create beauty & texture. It dresses up your space & is easy to wipe clean.
  • Install a laundry sink if you have the plumbing set up, keep the sink near your washer for easy transition for tough messes.
  • If you have windows with a lot of natural lighting, hang fabric shades. They are beautiful and easy to open and close.
  • If you don’t have windows, add cool white lighting. It is more luminous and best for practical spaces, such as laundry rooms, kitchens & garages. 
  • Under cabinet lighting or a decorative fixture over your utility sink would be beautiful & practical.
  • Add cabinetry where space is available, over your washer & dryer or along the side.
  • Install a counter cabinet for additional storage, such as bulk items, cleaning supplies & linens. This allows room for a countertop, to make folding clothes easy, right from the dryer. 
  • Make room for a pantry, to store a fold out ironing board, iron and other essentials.
  • Have a designated space to store hampers out of the way. I love the rolling cart laundry baskets, reminiscent of those days at the laundromat. 
  • Add shelves for your decorative items and baskets to complete your space.
closet laundry room
A Well Thought Out Laundry Room~Pinterest

How do I create a nice basement functional laundry room space?

Oh, the dreaded laundry room basement! Why would anyone ever think this was a good idea?

What can I do with my Basement Laundry room?

  • Paint the concrete walls and floors a color or design.
  • Hang curtains over the concrete walls to soften the space.
  • Add a cabinet with a countertop for a place to fold clothes. You can find an old cabinet or dresser to paint and use in this space.
  • Set-up an ironing station for easy access to iron and essentials.
  • Add plenty of cool white lighting to make the space brighter to work in.
  • Hang shelves and add baskets for storage.
  • Use a decorative rug to make the space feel cozy.
  • Hang a ladder from the ceiling beams to use as a drying rack.
laundry closet ideas
Basement Laundry Room Ideas~ Pinterest

What is the best flooring for my laundry room? 

  • A vinyl plank or tile floor would be a great choice and resistant to spills and dirt.
  • For the typical concrete basement floor you can paint it or tile. Stick down tiles might also be a good inexpensive option.
  • If you don’t have an overflow drain in the floor, I would recommend a washing machine drip pan. You’ll be happy you have one, if your washing machine ever overflows. 

The possibilities are endless for creating a beautiful, more functional laundry space. I hope my blog has inspired you to get creative and have fun with your project. I recommend looking on Pinterest for more creative ideas and get started!