Holiday Kitchen Decorating: Tips and Ideas for a Festive Space

Sebastian Nagpal | Budget & Design Team | Dean Cabinetry

By: Sebastian Nagpal

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you have a beautiful new kitchen you can’t wait to decorate! But where do you get started? This blog will answer 4 festive questions that will bring cheer to your kitchen this year! 

Dean Cabinetry Kitchen featuring Fabuwood Cabinets and Christmas Decor

Is there a way to cozy up my coffee bar?

There is nothing like a hot drink when you come inside from some frightful winter weather. So why not take it to the next level and embellish your drink with a few holiday flavors! Fill several glass jars with candy canes to stir in some minty freshness, caramels to make your drink more silky smooth, marshmallows for a little more sweetness, and chocolate truffles for a richer flavor. A clear cookie jar with cocoa powder can be both an elegant and convenient display for those hot chocolate lovers in your home. One of my favorite garnishes of the holiday season is cinnamon. Don’t forget to include cinnamon sticks and a shaker full of ground cinnamon as part of your holiday drink hot bar!

Kitchen Coffee Bar with Holiday Decorations. Image: Pinterest

How can I make my cabinets more dashing? 

An easy way to add a splash of spirit to your cabinets is to hang wreaths from them! Even a wreath on a couple wall cabinets or on your tall pantry doors can keep the winter gloom away. 

Another fun way to decorate your kitchen cabinets is by hanging a few decorations from the bottom of the wall cabinets. Hanging ornaments with fishing line can give the illusion that they are floating and keep your counter space clear. Be sure to also take advantage of your glass door cabinets. This is a great opportunity to display your holiday mugs and any holiday dishes that have been in storage all year long. 

Custom Kitchen with Noel Decoration and John Dean Custom Cabinetry

What can I do to brighten up my Island?

It is a Dean family tradition to make gingerbread houses every holiday season. Once these elaborate creations are made, it is impossible not to display them for everyone to enjoy! Place a gingerbread house on a cake stand and voila! You have a hand-crafted centerpiece for your island. An often overlooked, yet important, element of an island is its seating. This is yet another aspect of your kitchen that you can decorate for the season! Tie a bow to the backrest of the tall chairs or to the legs of the stools to complete your island’s cheery look!

Holiday Decoration on a Dean Cabinetry Custom Wet Bar

 Any more merry ideas? 

If you or your kids are into arts and crafts, cut out an assortment of paper snowflakes, string them together, and hang them across your sink window for some constant light flurries! Don’t forget to replace your usual kitchen towels and any utensils with their holiday equivalent. You can find all sorts of fun spatulas, whisks, etc. at any big box and kitchen decor store. Wintertime means baked good season. So why not display your tasty and beautiful work for everyone to admire and try? Set out your cookies, cakes, and rugelach on some crystal and cover them with glass cake stand tops. Just the image of these tasty treats in my mind is reviving my spirit on this cold October day. 

Does your family have any holiday decoration ideas, tips, or traditions? Tag us in a picture of your decorated kitchen on Instagram and we’ll feature you on our story. We’d love to spread a little more love and joy this holiday season!