Choosing the Best Storage for Your Bathroom: Tips and Ideas

Jenny Cazares| Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

What do I need to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity for storage?

When choosing a bathroom vanity, there are many things to consider, whether you’re building new construction or remodeling your existing bathroom. Bathroom vanities come in a multitude of styles, sizes, and functionality. Here are a few things to consider:

Wall to Wall Span

Some bathroom vanities may not span wall to wall. You could have wasted space on either end of your countertop, which could be utilized. This is something to consider, especially when you are building a new construction home. Some builders will not include a vanity that spans wall to wall, it may cut short a few inches or even a couple of feet. To change this option, it could be considered a builder’s upgrade. This is something to discuss with your builder when designing your home, or at your first visit with the builder’s design studio. 

Double Sink Vanity-(does not extend wall-to-wall) | Image: Houzz

Drawer Space

Consider the amount of drawer space you will need. Some vanities might have limited drawer space or may only come with cabinets below. The drawers would eliminate using counter space, which would allow you to keep your countertops clean and uncluttered.

Bath Vanity without drawers | Image: Pinterest

Single or Double Sink Vanity

Consider a single or double sink vanity. This option will most likely be easy to make, based on your family size, budget & how your current plumbing is set up. The best rule of thumb, if you can add a double vanity, do it…you won’t be disappointed! Some double sink vanities may not have a lot of countertop space, that is something to keep in mind. 

Half-Bathroom Storage

Half-bathrooms are sometimes difficult when selecting a vanity, depending on the size of the space. If you choose a pedestal sink, I would recommend adding cabinets above the toilet area, to store all the essentials. If you have the space for a vanity cabinet with storage, you can still add cabinets over the toilet or hang decorative shelves, if needed. 

Over the Toilet Cabinetry | Image: Idea Stand

How to add more storage while maintaining a minimal look?

 Many people love the look of a modern and industrial-style bathroom, known for its sleek design and minimalist look. Choosing the right vanity and storage while maintaining this look is essential. 

Floating Vanity

This is a beautiful example of a modern floating vanity, with seamless drawers, in an industrial bathroom. Notice the charming side table beside the gorgeous soaker tub and the container on the floor for storage. Adding baskets underneath the vanity will allow additional storage space.

Industrial Bathroom | Image: Pinterest

Floating Vanity with Cabinets

This floating vanity, with cabinets below, adds ample storage space while maintaining a sleek, modern look with a clean finish. It also features floating shelves on the wood panel wall for decorative items.

Floating Vanity | Image: Pinterest

Floating Shelves

The style of Floating shelves is modern and sleek. This floating shelf vanity below adds extra storage and warmth to this space. This unique vanity creates a truly gorgeous accent.

Floating Wood Vanity/Shelves | Image: Pinterest

Shelving & Accessories

Add storage to your bathroom by accessorizing. These items may include hooks, ladders, organic baskets, shelving units, metal piping & more. Even railroad ties can be used as shelves. You can find a variety of unique shelving ideas on Pinterest.

Railroad Tie Shelves| Image: Pinterest
Industrial shelving | Image: Pinterest

What can I do with the wasted space in my bathroom?

How frustrating is it when you get out of the shower and find you don’t have a towel within reach? We’ve all been there, sneaking out of the bathroom soaking wet to the hallway linen closet. 

Have you noticed the wasted wall space in your bathroom and you’re not sure what to add there? These are a few examples below of ideas on how to utilize your bathroom space.

Built-in Linen Closet

If you have empty wall space, add a built-in linen closet. The nice thing about this option is, it doesn’t need to be a deep cabinet. You could customize this cabinetry depth from 8-24“ from the wall. Decorative baskets are a nice look for open shelves or add glass door cabinets as a lovely option.

Custom Built Linen Closet | Image: Pinterest


Adding another vanity along a wall or under a window will give you the additional storage and counter space you need. It would be a great place to add a knee space for a make-up vanity table. 

Custom Make-Up Vanity | Image: Pinterest

Laundry Cabinetry

If you have a half-bath in your laundry room and want to utilize extra wall space, you can add cabinetry over your washer and dryer with a countertop. This will give you plenty of storage for laundry and toiletry items, and allow a nice space to fold clothes. 

Half Bath/Laundry Room Storage | Image: Pinterest

Countertop Cabinetry

Large double sink vanities may have extra counter space between them, and you can add beautiful countertop cabinetry. This creates a gorgeous feature for your bathroom while utilizing space for additional storage. You could also include countertop cabinets on each end of your counter if space is available. The design below is an open shelf cabinet tower, with built-in medicine cabinets. Glass doors would dress up this cabinet, or add cabinet doors to conceal your personal items.

Countertop Cabinetry | Image: Pinterest

Bathroom Shelves

Shelves are always a great option, they create more storage space and add visual interest to your bathroom. Shelves can pull a space together by showcasing pictures, vases, towels & essentials. There are many designs to choose from; you can find endless possibilities that beautifully finish your space. Shelves are a perfect option for half bathrooms with minimal storage space, as shown below.

Shelving ideas | Image: Pinterest

Whether you are looking for the perfect vanity for storage or additional storage ideas for your bathroom, I recommend looking on Pinterest for creative looks. Have fun designing a space that is not only gorgeous but functional and one you will enjoy for many years to come.